Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Seriously!!! Not good for my heart

Well its Tuesday and I am totally of the belief that Yorkshire are going for it!

After a cracking win over Somerset yesterday, a mad dash back home, they are today in One Day action.

Its all going off!

Yesterday by lunch I was feeling decidedly sick, it was going down to the wire at Taunton and I was not liking it, actually 'James Bond' and I were not liking it, so much so that he was keeping up with it all from the comfort of the 'Aston Martin'

He said, it'll be over one way or another by 3pm and sure as eggs is eggs ( or as a vegan, sure as chickpeas is  chickpeas), it was................by 3 runs!!!

the bowlers were the the backbone of the team even with Captain GB and his 98.

Outgoing HRR in such great form that we are all wondering can we not have him for another season, just home CC games????

Incoming Matthew Waite, who judging by the smile on his face in lots of pics on Twitter had a 'fairytale' start to his 1st team career.

And of course Patto who just goes in ,does the job and then keeps his head down.

I tell you, do those boys not know that they have to be kind to this old dear?

Everyone of those boys put their all in to that game and they deserved the win.

They must have had a jolly journey back home...........................but most of them are on duty today!

I had a lie in today as I  am on holibobs and have been a little tired of late, so just taking it easy.

I say that, but I have washing in, as by all accounts it is going to be a nice day so might as well make the most of it.

And the lads are back out on the field later  against Surrey.

Well best go and make myself some sandwiches and coffee

have a cracking day.

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