Thursday, 20 July 2017

Another day dawns

Another day, another morning listening to the blackbirds singing happily, Pete the pigeon cooing and the magpies chattering to each other, apart form that all is silent. I have not one car has passed the chateau and I and not even seen a dog walker, All very strange, but very peaceful.
I'll give it another half hour before the peace is shattered.

last night was a full on cricket evening and Worcestershire were taking on Derbyshire

It was good to see Commando Boy back in action he managed to take one wicket but Derbyshre walked all over them and had an easy win.

This was all overshadowed by the return at Surrey of 'HWMNBNITB'!
Oh yes 'Biltong Boy' is back and  hit 52 so got top billing on all the sports pages today, as well as speculating that he may play for South Africa?


If this was serious I would be worried but as he is nearly 127, I doubt that SA would even look at him, they have young talent and need a showpony like I need a new pair of shoes!

Yes he  has made sure that everyone knew that he is back. however he was unable to field as he is far too good for that*

* he had a reported calf injury

the only calf I could think of was the fatted one that the loyal Surrey supporters had prepared for the prodigal son

enough already!

I am off on a rant

Nottinghamshire are not having a good time of it at the moment as Michael Lumb announced that he is retiring with  an ankle injury.
Lumb is a great player and it is sad end to his career.

I wish him well in retirement.

I however am now 47 years away from retiring or getting a state pension and to be honest I don't see that I will ever get one.
So i guess that I will just have to keep going to work.

Have a great day and its so close to the weekend I can almost taste it.

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