Sunday, 30 July 2017

another late post!

I'm late again today a I have been lying in bed chattering on the phone to a cricket chum and setting the world to rights.

I love a bit of early morning cricket chatter.

However that was not getting the blog written, so lets see what has been occurring.

Well in T20 , rain has once again washed out the match that was due to be played last night. Its not getting any better. Today my boys are in Nottingham. I dare not look at the forecast  as I do not want to be disappointed!

At the test..................well it rained! but not before England took to the field and lost Cooky.

How's this match going to pan out?
Your guess is as good as mine.

What I did love was the Sky series on South Africa.
 I still get tearful when I see Hansie, I know what he was involved in but no one ever foresaw how short his life would be.
I have had a great deal of time for South Africa after seeing them on their first tour back in the UK in the 90's.
At Ropery Lane cricket club, playing Durham, this was before the days of the new ground.
Ah a great team they had then too.

I have washing in, and am about to strip the beds, the sun is shining here in the North East of Blighty as it was yesterday.

I went to town and bumped into Mr Funky the chauffeur who told me off for buying rhubarb when he has a garden full.
I then took delivery of freshly  dug up spuds and some rhubarb that would have  'Sir' Geoffrey in a frenzy!

Needless to say there is Gin  on the make.

I had an early night to try to shake off the last of the lurgy and hopefully set myself up for a good and productive week at work.

And now I am of to Argos to buy a new toilet seat ( don't ask)

Have a super Sunday

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