Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Here we go.....

well it's Tuesday and the weekend is a distant memory, and the coming one is at the end of a long tunnel, however, we march on.

Lets have some crickety news to see us through.

'Big' Like Fletcher  was chatting on radio 5 last night and talking about the horrific events of Saturday.
He is very down to earth and just spoke about the incident as it was. A horrible accident.
He said he didn't see the ball ( luckily) and just remembered thinking that he could be in a lot of. trouble after being hit

he is on the mend although initially the Doctors told him he could miss the rest of the season.
he won't be playing for a while, but I expect that he will be around Trent Bridge.

The 'stump mic saga' goes on. after Kagiso Rabada was banned after being  picked up swearing at Ben Stokes!
Are they going to ban players who 'f' there way off the field when they are out and being filmed by a camera man who is right in front of them ( and they know he is there)?

Michael Vaughan has gone on record as saying that stump mics should be scrapped if they are going to be used to ban players ( the only thing he has said in a while that I agree with).

it's a farce, and its the ICC bods way of having another jolly to the UAE to discuss what to do!

Tonight see my boys in action against the current T20 champions Northants. I have to say I have a soft spot for Steeler the dog, their mascot who kept us thoroughly entertained at Finals day.
I will however be cheering on the Vikings!

Apart from work today I have a bag full of things to post and also  food to prepare, the hoover may have an outing and then I can sit down for a spot of cricket.

All in all I am going to have a very busy day.

Until tomorrow

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