Sunday, 6 August 2017

Early morning drive

I'd like to say that I am ready for the off, but of course I am doing a last minute check of ........THE CASE!!!, yes the bag has turned into a case, and three days worth of clothes, shoes and handbags could probably be a years capsule wardrobe for those wonder woman on Pinterest!

I also have the food to sort out and  things for the luncheon drinks party tomorrow, for those coming, I won't have sandwiches as I cannot prepare in advance but there will be lots of nibbly bits! And Martinis!!! ( which is the most important thing!)

Anyhooo, back to the Test yesterday, a great but disappointing innings for Jonny B, as he hit 99 and was then out, however look at the fact that he is playing after being left on the bench during the early part of the season.

I remembered a comment by my friend Christine about Jonny being the 'water boy' and she would forever now know him as 'Aquarius', this then brought on a fit of scribbling at Headingley  one afternoon  for us to to find a Yorkshire zodiac team.

So after searching for the note book that we had scribbled in here it is.

Aries    Hoddy,  ( has been  'rammed' into the team at the last minute)

Taurus  Bressy ( raging bull sometimes going into bowl)

Gemini  Matthew Waite & Ben Coad

Cancer  Galey ( well you have to have a hard shell to be coach!)

Leo  HRR, come on!!! no one else has a 'mane' like that! ( except me)

Virgo  TLJL ( of course)

Libra  Gary Ballance ( obviously!)

Scorpio   Lythy  ( can have a sting in his tail with his spin!)

Sagittarius  Brooksy ( as elusive as the mythical centaur, which can depict this sign)

Capricorn  Patto  ( think about it!)

Aquarius  Jonny B ( had been the water carrier more times than I care to think about)

Pisces  Matthew Fisher .......of course!

Well I got completely sidetracked there

and time is running away and I need to be on the road.

hopefully ( WiFi permitting) I will be back tomorrow.

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