Friday, 11 August 2017

its the battle!

well its Friday, it's half day working and I am off to Headingley tonight to see the 'War of the Roses' take place.

I had not applied for my ticket  for this match due to being in 'other job' and not being able to get there in time.
However thanks to my move to new job and  a gesture of unbelievable kindness, I will be able to see the match and cheer my boys on.

I will be hotfooting it through the roadworks as soon as 'schools out' at 2pm.

I have checked the forecast.................... and I am not thinking about the weather!

In last nights T20  Hampshire had a storming win over Glamorgan  and  there were some great views of my 2nd favourite ground.

Middlesex  just managed to beat Sussex and the South group table is hotting up.

Up here in the  North, we need a win tonight, and that's all I am saying.

The England camp is having a reshuffle as Jennings is dropped and Stoneman is brought in. Mason crane is also called up.

I should have been decorating at the Chateau this afternoon and the rest of the weekend, well I will still have tomorrow and Sunday to crack on.

I am also getting a 'new' TV, Kiki, fresh back from her cruise, has been on a spending spree and bought herself a new one , so she is passing her old ( not old) one to me.
Obviously being from Yorkshire, I am not saying no, I had been debating buying a new one.................but don't have to now.

well time to get a wriggle on and head off for half day at the coal face.

have a great Friday, its nearly the weekend!

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