Thursday, 29 November 2012

Who will turn on Lady Lainey's Xmas lights ?

Hampstead Christmas Festival: (From left) Compere Babs Moss, impressionist Jon Culshaw, Shrek, Princess Fiona, Sean Bean and organiser Alexandra Lavery. Picture: Nigel Sutton
Sean in Hampstead

Last Sunday Sir Sean of Bean turned on the Christmas lights in Hampstead,( not far for him to stagger home after a couple of mulled wines) so I began wondering who I would like to come and do the honours at Tykes Towers ( formerly LT Towers II). So I began drawing up a list.

  1.  Sir Sean of Bean ( think he may be sick of it now)
  2. Gillespie the Gallant
  3. His Royal Ryanness ( they could do it together and only live about an hour away)
  4. Eric Cantona
  5. David Ginola ( they could do it together and we could all have Vin and Fromage and then lumiere le sapin de noel, and admire 'mon creche')
So that's the shortlist and somehow I think that my luck is out  on all of them ( although I would very much like the last 2 !!!) and either the monster children nephews or Mr Funky the Chauffeur may be doing the honours, or I could do it myself and scoff all the fromage and drink the 'vin' myself................................... Now that sounds like a plan.

Yesterday we had very little rain (hurrah!!) and there was even a bit of blue sky, however that was only momentary and the weather turned flipping freezing which has led to weather forecasters predicting, snow and freezing temperatures. Me thinks that I am in the wrong job any stupid nitwit  knows that it is winter here in Blighty and going on the past few winters we will get snow. I think I may just carve out a new career for myself. UPDATE 6.19am UK time freezing and frosty with ice on untreated roads so anyone in the North East of Blighty be careful.

I have been checking all my junk  treasures that I had put on eBay over the weekend, and there seems to be a lot of interest in lots of Lady Laineys's cast off's, flipping good job to as I am fair swamped in 'stuff' at the Towers and really need to make some room ready for when Pere Noel brings me everything on my Xmas list.( to be shown at a later date).
 I really need to clear out some rubbish!!!!! and more to the point who the flipping heck keeps bringing more in??????

In cricket land deluded coach of former besty home county of  Durham has said that Steve Harmisons future is in his hands ( which is more than any cricket balls have been recently!) and after an injury-affected season 2012...............................woooooooooo I think injury affected 3 seasons,  AND then he was also loaned to Yorkshire who sent him back! However instead of Durham just admitting that he is a has been, they are paying him for another season and giving him a benefit!!!!!! For flipping hecks sake, this man has nearly emptied the coffers of Durham ( due to them giving him a 100 year contract....OK I exaggerate but he has hardly played even half a season since!)  and has not given anything back in the last 4 seasons. Geoff Cook  the coach also should have been ousted at the end of last season as well as all the back room dead wood  who obviously are getting money for old rope!!!. Durham need a HUGE shake up and soon!!!!! And Mr Cook its about time that you opened your blinkered eyes!!!!

Good gracious me now that was a fair old rant and on a Thursday too.

  news in that Ricky Ponting is retiring from International cricket. He will be missed!. And also that Ferrari are lodging a complaint that if upheld could see Vettel lose his title due to a possible illegal overtaking move. Watch this space!!

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