Wednesday, 19 December 2012

2 more 'getty ups'

Max Chilton
Who is the mystery man?

Well its the middle of the week and only 2 more 'getty ups' until HOLIDAYS!!!!!!! I am super excited, just at the fact that I am getting nearly 2 weeks away from super swanky Lady Lainey office, I cannot wait.

I have to make up the spare bed for Dame Didi as she is arriving on Sunday and now she doesn't have to put up with 'budgie' curtains ( as left by my tenant) as I have put up super smart raw silk curtains, which make the room very cosy, and talking about cosy, I am about to set off knitting a 'cricket jumper' tea cosy for cousin Rt Hon Robbo Jnr now that he has super new job at the cricket club. However I am wondering if now that he is 'El Presidenti' will he still do the washing up???? Will probably post a picture of  the cosy when it is finished #ifitlooksok!

I have been loving all the hilarious tweets that Gillespie the Gallant has been getting recently ( not from me I hasten to add). Even he thinks some of them are worrying. However his Tweets in response are enough to make me laugh out loud.

Have been reading that we will have a new Brit on the F1 circuit next year, Max Chilton  ( see above pic)has signed for Marussia  next season and he looks as old as Joe Root #10yearsold. Good luck to Max and hope to see him on the podium.( not ahead of Baron button though).

on this day
19th December

1974 'The Man with the Golden Gun' premieres in USA

1974 Ricky Ponting  Australian cricketer born

1987 Karim Benzema  French footballer born

1980 Anguilla becomes a British Dependency separate from St Kitts ( home of former Hants cricketer Cardigan Connor, now ' the islands most popular personal trainer' flipping heck!!!!)

Its jolly flipping short today as I have lots to do before I go off to Lady Lainey office and harass  cheer up the boys!.

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