Thursday, 20 December 2012

Closer to the finishing line

Well its Thursday and I Lady Lainey am jolly glad it is just one more day to go. I am totally exhausted and the Pony Paul lurgy hasn't helped on e little bit. Today I am feeling much better  apart form a headache and runny nose!! Yep I look terrific!

I finally received my invitation to the wedding of the year (2013). However can you Adam and Eve it, not only is it on a cricket day! is on a Durham V Yorkshire cricket day. So as much as I love the Tykes, I love dressing up and partying more and the acceptance letter is in the post.

So in  the merry world of cricket, after last summers 'do with KP, they have only gone and offered him a new contract. I am keeping my mouth firmly shut! For once! Saying nothing! Not a squeak..........yet!!!

Middlesex have signed up the lovely Mark Ramprakash as batting  coach on a two year contract, he has gone back home!! And yes in the above picture I was that close to the man himself, I could have touched him.......................but Mr Funky the Chauffeur told me not too!!!

The T20 matches kick off today starting at 1.30pm (UK time). Lets see how we get on without the great man!.

Was busy wrapping pressies last night and will be dropping them off with Duchess Debbie the Wise this evening. Also have a couple more cards to post through letter boxes and then I think that I am done, or as done as I intend to be.

Football was not good last night for The Mighty Whites who were entertaining Chelsea, and let them score 5 goals to their 1. I think they just felt sorry for them as they have been having a bit of strife lately!

The Blades are taking on Oxford in the FA cup on 5th January and so it really will be a big #coyb.


Well its blowing a gale outside and lashing down with rain which means only one thing. I lady Lainey have to run very fast from car park to super swanky Lady Lainey office to avoid 'orange afro'. Also means trousers are the order of the day, as I don't fancy that wind blowing up my 'kilt'. And lastly it means that I had better get a wriggle on and make my way to said office where my 'boys' will be waiting for me with open arms ( yeah right!!! I will be lucky to get a grunt out of them!).


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