Sunday, 9 December 2012


Won't be needing one of these EVER again!

Well its Sunday and it is nearly 9.00am and I have only just managed to get out of bed, I still feel rough as a badgers a**e and having been kept awake most of the night by a flipping gale whipping round Tykes Towers I am allowing myself another day to recover.


Lady Lainey is now teetotal!

And so to see what was happening in the world yesterday whilst I slept and tried to recover from the excesses of Friday.

Over in India England wrapped up a seven wicket victory and now are 2-1 in this Test series. However with England chasing 41 you would know that it would not be plain sailing and Cook, Trott and Figjam all went leaving England 8-3!!! However the win is good for the morale of the team especially as it appears we are edging closer to a win in India the first for 27 years.

4th Test starts Thursday at 4am.

For some reason the BBC sports pages have given space to Steve Harmison who is moaning about having to fight for his place on the Durham team. Well lets see if he starts the season first, and then how many matches he is fit for, after all he has all his benefit functions to attend!!!! #notimpressedbyahasbeen

And so to Football

Torres appears to have got his mojo back and scored 2 goals for Chelsea yesterday. Well done Nando.

Sadly The Mighty Whites went down 3-1 to Derby so not a happy journey back to Elland Road.

However the Blades won 3-1 against Carlisle and are really doing super fab this season. #coyb

Sadly Birmingham went the same way as Leeds and lost to Wolves. Well its only a game isn't it????

Over in F1 Bernie Ecclestone has said that Michael Schumacher's comeback was a mistake...........yes or no????

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