Tuesday, 18 December 2012

one week to Pere Noel!

Last minute wrapping from PH and VB

Well it Tuesday only 3 more 'getty up's' until I finish for the Christmas break at super swanky Lady Lainey office, and I am so flipping happy about getting some time off for R & R. However I am meeting Countess Culshaw and Sir Samuel on Saturday and we are going to have 'super fun' in Harrogate and then collapse back at the hotel and wait for Santa to ring ( that will be Pony Paul) and let Sir Samuel know that he can open some of his pressies early ( the ones that I Lady Lainey have taken for him). So its all stations go until the big day.

Miss Babs,  former work colleague of I,Lady Lainey called over last night ( on her way from Tesco.............TESCO!!!!! what ever happened to Harrods or Harvey Nicks???) Anyhoo, she popped in for a coffee and a chat and it is decided that in the New Year she will call for dinner one evening. How very blinking civilised ( not like the old days having burger and a pint in the White Horse!!)

Over in India, England declared on 352-4. Joe Root got another knock about and scored 20  bringing his test total to 93. And yes Bell ( The ginger whinger) scored 116 so well done to him. England finally won a series in India, however, the team is a shambles they have been carrying injured players and boosting the misfits. So lets see what happened in the T20's. However I will say bloody well done to the whole team and great to see  Tykes in the winning side! It makes all the difference.
I am hoping that we see a much improved and fit squad out on the field for the T20's.
Also splendid news that Glamorgan have  signed the super fit Simon Jones for 4 day matches, looking forward to that! He had curtailed his appearances with the county due to knee problems but so pleased to see that he is going to play more.

My 'Pony Paul' lurgy is not getting any better and I nearly fell asleep at my desk yesterday afternoon, and as we were all ( I say all, it was Pony Paul and I as Job the Jolly have gone to Wembley ) suffering it was a 'symphony' of coughs, nose blowing and sneezing!!! Lovely.


Well it is blinking well pitch dark this morning but it is not foggy, frosty, snowy or wet. So hopefully this will make the commute to super swanky Lady Lainey office bearable. I am hoping that the weather remains this way until after the weekend PLEASE!!!!.
No thermals today but still wearing trousers as too cold to contemplate a skirt!!!

On this day 
18th December 

1976 Wonder Woman debuts on US TV. ( and didn't we all want to be Linda Carter?)

1996 Start of the first Test between Zimbabwe and England

2012 only one week until Xmas!!!!!!!!!

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