Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Wonderful news ( for a change)

Wonderful news

What wonderful news yesterday that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are to be parents, I Lady Lainey am jolly chuffed for them because I love babies. However, big get well wishes to the Duchess of Cambridge who was rushed into hospital ( hence the news getting out) and I hope that she is on the mend soon ( and not suffering for the remainder of the 9 months). This is really great news, babies always make me smile. More so as they are a lovely couple.

Well as most avid readers ( Dame Didi ) will know I do not like cold weather, when the stork drop me off he certainly had lost his  blinking compass as I was meant to be somewhere super swanky like Bermuda or Aruba, not the flipping icy wastes of the North of Blighty!. I know I like to wear hats ( and tiaras) but I seriously hate having to get all wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy just to bring the milk in from the doorstep!.

So yesterday it was a long and tortuous journey to work due to main roads and motorways being blocked or closed. Made it with minutes to spare after a 50 minute drive. Today it is probably going to be worse as  the temperature dropped last night and I am now looking out onto sheet ice!!!

So over in India Ian Bell is back and making his mouth go about being ready to put England back on track, HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! they won the 2nd test without him so just let him sit on the balcony and let the others have a knock about. My gripe is the fact that some players have super sized ego's. #needtakingdownapegortwo.

So I am still waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the team, although I could just about tell you who will be playing!!! Finn is apparently ready to play. However former England player Alec Stewart has obviously been reading 'Tales from the boundary' as he has stated that England cannot carry Broad and he is clearly struggling. Well Alec, I said that last week so keep up sweetie. #applyingtoBBCsportsdepartment.

On this day

4th December

1976 Liz Taylor got married for the 7th time ( she liked wedding cake more than Sean!!)

1995 Mike Atherton (185*)  bats for 643 minutes to save Jo'burg test ( now that's cricket!)

So off I  trot to super swanky Lady Lainey office to shout at the boys, drink gallons of coffee and keep warm!!!!!.

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