Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy 200th!!

200 blogs already!!

I can hardly believe that this is  my 200th blog! And flipping more to the point , people are reading about my boring and mundane life, I guess the scores for the footy and the cricket boost the ratings!

Well what can I say about the last 200 blogs,

I am now read in Burma, and most of Scandanavia,and also Israel  And that's apart from all the other countries where I have people reading my exploits, over 30 of them to date. I would like to pick up some followers in Iceland and the Faroe Islands so if you know anyone out there, could you forward the link to them??

You have followed me through the cricket season and cricket tea empire of Platinum Duck. You travelled to France with Dame Didi and I and read as we got quite squiffy and went stargazing and playing 'secret squirrel'.
Hopefully you were as excited as I was when Wiggo won the Tour de France and then Olympic gold,   and that you  have enjoyed my brief football round ups ( even though it only covers 3 clubs!)

You  lived through my rising damp problems at LT Towers and the subsequent ,move to LT Towers II, been involved in 'Frog Watch' and 'Slug wars' as well as seeing small transformations at the 'Towers'. Hopefully you will see more of that in the next 100 blogs.

You have travelled onto Condorde with me and met Pink Hippo and his side kick Vomit Bag, as well as being introduced to my friends and relatives ( OK names were changed to protect those who had no idea they were being included).

You celebrated my birthday and my French Christmas with me and also have been through the highs and lows which are my life. Funny or sad they are all in there. ( and there have been a few sad times of late)

And you have very often read my comments on the state of County Cricket clubs, with the exception of my beloved Yorkshire. My frustration at cricket players and also my soft spot for certain other players, (why else would there always be a F(ryan)day!). My love of the game is something that you never have failed to pick up on.Whether County, International or local club cricket, I love it.
And now as I move onwards to the 300 blog which will see a new cricket season start, I hope that my antics will encourage you to continue reading and leaving comments.

And that aside it is Monday and I am off to super swanky Lady Lainey office, well same old same old!I do however go to the office knowing that in some little corner of the world ( probably Saltburn by the Sea) someone is reading this.

Happy 200th Blogday to me!


Anonymous said...

Yep LL, you got that right just read it now.
More to the point over at Dame Didi Chateau we have SNOW and more is pouring from the sky as we speak.

Really good blog today for the 200th. Keep it up girl.

Anonymous said...

Hey guess KP couldn't do 200 not out!
Ha Ha