Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lady Lainey not friends with Mr Funky the Chauffeur :-)

Well after driving to work in super swanky Lady Lainey office yesterday in a blizzard. Job the Jolly decided that we could go home at 3pm!! Yippee so I went  rushing ( OK driving like my granny) home to make snow angels in the garden. Actually was doing 'donuts' on the front lawn as 'eedjit; had not moved his van and I couldn't get the car onto the drive!!

Over in the crazy world of cricket. Mr Shane Hurley Estee Lauder Warne had taken to Twitter to 'moan' about his fine for the captaincy debacle. Claiming that he was unaware of the rules and needed to be informed. Well splashing it on Twitter is hardly a way to look contrite, it actually made him look like a whining sore loser.
He also was fund raising for his 'Trust' over the weekend. @Elizabethhurley had tweeted 'so many $ for underprivileged kids'. Was it a fund raiser for goats? Apparently underprivileged goats too???. I am sure that the underprivileged goats are over the blinking moon, however underprivileged children are probably not too happy.!!! #onlyspeakingcorrectly.

Ireland have announced that they will play  host to Pakistan for two ODI's in May. Hope that this is a success, as you know I saw Ireland play last season and think that they are a strong team. They have come on in leaps and bounds under the coaching of Phil Simmons. Phil said that these two matches are ' a great way of measuring where we are as a team'. Its looking to be a busy summer of cricket in Ireland.

On this day 

22 January

1988 First class d├ębut of Hansie Cronje

1988 First class debut of Brian Lara

2008 Heath Ledger died


I, Lady Lainey have been trying to talk Mr Funky the chauffeur into taking me to see Gillespie the Gallant at Collingham Cricket Club on Friday evening, however the weather forecast is really rubbish and Mr Funky said no. ( actually he said a lot more than that but being a Lady I will not repeat it). The gist being

Lady Lainey  Hey Mr Funky would you  chauffeur me to Collingham Cricket club on Friday evening to see Gillespie the Gallant. There is food.......

Mr Funky  NO!

Lady Lainey   I will pay for your ticket

Mr Funky  NO!!

Lady Lainey  Oh go on Mr Funky, you  flipping well know how much I love Gillespie the Gallant

Mr Funky   NO!!!

Lady Lainey   I promise I will behave in a ' Lady Lainey ' like manner

Mr Funky   That's what I am afraid of...............

Not quite sure what he was implying!!!

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