Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday Moan

Cold, snowy, and Monday! OMG how flipping worse can it get??? Well I suppose that it could be snowing and a cricket day ( and yes that has happened). So I am struggling to get into my thermals and also to try to find something that doesn't make me look like a sumo wrestler. Another snow fall over night has made it not a pleasant drive to work. And the 'eedjit' from way up the street with the van and trailer has parked right across the bottom of my drive making it nigh on impossible for me to swing the limo off the drive. OH no Monday morning and I am cross already, hope the boys are ready for this!.

Black night of the Ferrari ( or monster truck as it was last night) tipped up and stayed for dinner. He also took a very unflattering pic of me and 'dared' me a bottle of champers to put it on Facebook for 10 minutes. Well I did and I have left it there so he now owes me big time!.Then he drove off into the snowy wastes of the North of Blighty, however lucky so and so is off to hot and sunny climes (UAE) later this week. #veryenvious

Trouble in cricket land with more bans this time for  AB de Villiers for slow over rate in the match against Australia on Saturday.
 Also Ashley Giles has been defending his position as  England's limited over coach saying that England must be 'Strong minded' to recover in the one day series. No S**t!!! flipping heck what a well thought out statement. I think that I could be applying  for this post in the near future!! ................and breathe!!

Well I went to bed early so that I could continue reading the heavy tome that is the official biography of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.I was reading all the events in the run up to her wedding. I put the light out at 10.00pm and before I knew it woke up in a major panic, sweating and really frightened. I looked at the clock and it was 11.06pm. Now what was all the panic about??. Well I had dreamt that I was getting married ( yes that's enough to get anyone in a panic), I was trying to walk to the venue which was a remote castle. I was getting helped to dress by the former master in charge of all things gamey at former top boys school, where I worked, and lastly and I didn't know any of this until I was walking down the aisle and the groom turned round. No it was not Sir Sean of was flipping well Former Lord Lainey!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder I was in a panic.
OMG I have to stop reading before bed!!!

Thought for the day that Dame Didi missed the other day

How very true.

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