Sunday, 26 July 2015

It's all going orange today at The Chateau

Yes today  here at the ch√Ęteau we are going orange and will be ( as we were yesterday ) cheering The Netherlands cricket team onto victory as they take on Scotland in the ICC World  T20 qualifier. And therein lies the rub!!!!
I have searched my wardrobe and I do not possess any orange clothes! ( every flipping other colour of course). So I am relying on my orange curls.
This match will be on Sky from approx 1.45pm and I am hoping that I have all my  chores done so that I can sit down and enjoy.

I am still on the major life clearout and found things yesterday that I had forgotten I had hoarded. letters from a now deceased friend, which were both wonderful and heartbreaking to read.

I also found more cricket 'stuff' than you can shake a stick at.
I have now made a 'cricket box' to put all that  stuff in. Who knew I had wangled so many 'freebie' tickets and usually with car park passes too and then  hospitality!!! Flipping heck I was laughing my orange head off remembering some of the days/weekends away.

However the most important thing today is the match that is going on at Scarbados as Yorkshire take on  Gloucestershire. I will be keeping up with this  on Twitter and also Somerset v Derby and  Notts v @glamcricket.
The latter always makes me chuckle as I imagine the players stepping out in  lurex tops, mirror top hats and platform boots ( well you have to be a certain age to appreciate that one).

There is no HRR in the Yorkshire team, he has  been hobnobbing it down on the Getty estate and playing a spot of cricket. How do I know this?
Because my friends Sam and Simon were there too!
They had a jolly good time but said that Eric Clapton was rubbish. Which surprised me a bit as having seen him over the years I always think that he puts on a good show.
A good day was had by all.

having managed to mow half the Deer Park yesterday I am now about to set off to do the other half and then I have washing to do and a trip to Homebase before  cricket.
Rightio this is jolly late being posted due to me having a super long lie in.

Have a super Sunday


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