Saturday, 15 August 2015

A day of peace and quiet....

..................and quite a few jobs that need to be done.

I have a list and I intend to stick to it!!! it has already started as due to other things tomorrow I have stripped the beds and all bedding is in the washing machine as we speak.

I also had a little lie in this morning due to being jolly flipping tired. Last night besty friend Francesca came for dinner and I whipped up a recipe that I haven't made since I was in London ( a million years ago it seams). And it was gorgeous, we scoffed the lot and washed it down with some fantastic German wine that had just been brought back. A very pleasant evening all round........................

............................except for the T20 match that was taking place at Worcester. it was a tough one for me as Former besty home county in the south (Hampshire )  were taking on my  new reserve besty county Worcestershire ( confused???? you should be in my Jimmy Choos). I was listening on't wireless in the kitchen as I was cooking and had the TV on  so that I could run through and see ( I don't hold with a TV in the kitchen!).
Well Hampshire went into and carberry ( eye candy for the Dame) and Vince set off at a great pace. Carbs was eventually out for 42 but Vince went on to make a century. Ervine was run out by the Jack  'Commando boy' Shantry  which made me smile a lot.
Hampshire were 194-4 at the end of their innings.
 However the evening was dark and gloomy due to the horrendous weather we have been having and North Road does not have flood lights ( hence the match starting early). And once the gloom set in it was the death knell for Worcesteshire. Hampshire won on the Jack and Vera ( Duckworth /lewis) by 17 runs.

I was happy and sad all in  one go, Hampshire have now made finals day for the 6th year in a row.

Today 2.30 we have Kent v Lancashire, as neither of them are on my radar I will go for Kent as they wear nice T20 shirts !

I am about to throw myself in the shower and then  head out into the garden along with 'Pete' the pigeon who has become my new best friend and follows me every where when I am 'pottering' about. He is'nt stupid, he knows I am the supplier of burnt brownies and stale bread!!! typical man!!! read him like a book!!!!

Right this won't get the washing hung out to dry.

The sun is shining so best get on with it.

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