Sunday, 23 August 2015

cricket Saturday with friends

Yesterdsy started off rainy and ended with biblical type rain, so much so that at midnight I thought I may have to rip up the flootboards here at the chateau and make an arc!!! I had a few 'animals' on my list that wouldn't be saved!!!.

However the inbetween the rain, bit of the day was brilliant. Not so much cricket wise but because I spent more time with El Presidentu and The First Lady of Middx CCC.

I picked up Pauly Paul and headed off to The Riverside. We settled in to coffee and bikkies. Before we knew it wickets were tumbling  and we were having lunch.
El Presidenti was being hosted by a former Durham player and were swilling champers. I toyed with going but as I was driving thought best not to. Champagne id my real weakness and I knew one would lead to ten and Pauly Paul would have to drive hime. And he doesn't drive.!!!!!

After lunch the President and First Lady and I went and had a walk around the ground. Chatting to Middx folk as we wandered on.
The Pres is stunned by the size of the ground which as I explained is nearly the same size as Captain Colleywobbles ego!!!!

The match was swinging  more wildly than the ball and we are all thinking it will ve over begore tea today.
Listening to the high scores around the counties and yhen yhe just over 100's at Chester Le Street makes you realise the wicket is not the best.

Anyhoo after tea El Presidenti came down in the cheap seats and had us all in stitches as we talked about 'the old days' down in Middlesex.

By close of play our sides were aching as we wandered off home.

Today looks to be my last with My friends for a while  luckily the sun is shining. So lets hope we make it to tea.

Finally My Tyke put on a brilliant batting performancd and Adil Rashid was the pick of the biwlers. Come on boys!!!.
Sorry for any typos I am  currently  writing this on my mobile from my bed as I had a little accident with my internet lead!!!!! All wi be repaired I hope tomorrow evening.

Now I need to get a wriggle on and get ready for another day with The Latchmans.

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