Saturday, 1 August 2015

Happy Yorkshire Day


I am up and drinking my first cup of Yorkshire tea, I also have some fab stickers that Taylors of Harrogate sent me and later,  'The Gentlemen of Tykshire' and I will be having our photographs taken to upload onto Twitter.

And it is going to be a bit of a Yorkshire weekend for me as tomorrow my Tykes are at Chester le Street in One Day action. But that is another day.

I am hoping to get the tiling around the  wicket sorted today too if the weather improves, as it has been raining here. The sun is trying to break through though so that's a relief..

There was a big sigh of relief yesterday as England won the 3rd Test. And they sort of did it in Style. They are now 2-1 up with  two more games to play.
I sort of think that the Aussies will take the next one and it will go to the wire.

That should make for a very exciting series.

What I don't like is the minute that England win, the 'armchair selectors' start to rehash the team and slate some of the players whilst stating that ' if it wasn't for  XXXX we wouldn't have won'. Well as I say often enough one man is not a team.

Also for all the lovers of 'he who must not be named in the blog', we sort of didn't need him.

Also for all those lovers, I would like to know why he is at 'SeaWorld' with his family and not playing cricket when he is contracted to a county. Just wondering............

Today I have a million things to do AND somehow I have been forced into making lunch for Tzarina Katerina.................I have no idea how she managed to swing that. For the love of dogs, I am up to my eyes in my junk, cake making and 'cricnic' making too as we have to leave jolly early tomorrow to get to the ground.

I am actually a tad cross because she thinks that  she will be here all day when in fact she will be here an hour and then can toddle off back to her village!
Right I am off to drop things at the charity shop and get a wriggle on with the other things that I need to get done which includes retrieving a box from the recycling bin......................yuk!!

News from Dame Didi in La Belle France, she has been watching cricket!!!!!! check her out!!!!

Happy Yorkshire Day !

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