Sunday, 2 August 2015

It's a cricket Sunday

Yeay!!!! it is cricket Sunday and I am all ready.............well apart from the newly coloured blondie/ orange curls which will have a quick dunk before I head off to pick up Pauly Paul and Dynamo Dom.

I was super busy yesterday doing 'stuff' in the garden and being a domestic goddess and entertaining the eldest sister Tzarina Katerina ( Kiki).

I managed to get some washing done and dried  as well as making a lemon cake and a vegan carrot cake ( specially sourced vegan margarine too!)

So now I am all packed up, flasks are made and it looks as if we will need some warm drinks  as it is rainy and a tad chilly. Note to self, pack a jumper!.

The  14 man squad for the 4th test was announced yesterday which included Liam Plunkett, luckily Adam Lyth has been given another chance. Its looking even more like 'Yorkland' !!!

Whilst I was entertaining Tzarina Katerina on yesterday I had  t'wireless on in the kitchen and was listening to them match at Southampton where Hants were taking on Middx.
 Holy mackerel!!!! before I even had time to boil the kettle Middx were 22-5! And it looked as if it would all be over by lunch!

They did however rally towards the end and  closed their innings on a very low 117.
Michael Carberry ( eye candy for The Dame) and Jimmy Adams opened and closed the Hampshire  innings reaching 121 and  being very calm about it.

Go on you Hampshire boys.

Also after an afternoon with eldest sister who is retired and does nothing but shop all day, I was asked to regularly make her my special coleslaw.........................because I am going to do that!!!!
I am now also the car insurance guru, as she now has her insurance nearly £200 cheaper.
Flipping heck I truly am a wonder woman!!!!!
Now I am about to go and pick up the 'Durham Boys' and give them a lift to the ground, no not the team silly!,

Hope you Sunday is fun filled

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