Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Mid week and only more day...................

in the office and then I am off to Scarbados. To say that I am excited is an understatement ..................I am super flipping excited.

Last night I went to  see my besty friend and hypnotherapist Francesca, she being the one that stopped me eating chocolate by the factory full. It was very interesting to say the least and I slept so well last night that I am now running late.

I am also running late on the packing for my 'grand tour' to Scarbados!!!

I have not even got my 'smalls' in my bag. I can see it tonight as I empty the wardrobes in the spare room into cases and the wardrobe in another room into a case.............. yes the Lady Lainey Limo will have everything but the kitchen sink in it tomorrow.

And yes I know that I am not off to Scarbados until Friday but I am going to visit Dame Didi to go out for dinner tomorrow, so I need to be organised.

Yesterday was not a good day for Durham as they lost to Gloucestershire in the One Day Cup once again due to rain and the 'Jack  & Vera'. ( Duckworth/Lewis to the uninitiated)

Today however my Tykes are in action for the start of the Scarborough Cricket Festival, taking on Somerset. 
Yesterday the legend that is Somerset's Peter Trego posted a pick of a seagull when he was having his fish and chips. It has been quite recently documented  about his 'ornithological'  leanings ( his  'Sky' commentary with the pigeon was the funniest thing I have seen in ages). 

However  hope he is used to the seagulls as they tend to swoop in around tea time at Scarbados and the noise is deafening.

Good luck to my boys and lets see the festival start off brilliantly.

OOOhhhhh I am super flipping I I chuffers.

see you tomorrow when I will be bouncing with excitement!!!!!

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