Monday, 17 August 2015

Perfect Sunday

Yesterday was a perfect Sunday, I pottered around at home in the morning and then Mr Funky came  to pick me up and we headed of the The Riverside ground to see a Durham Select XI take on Lashings XI.

The first thing I saw were the swings and Mr Funky said that I couldn't go on them, to be honest if  my backside had fit the seat it would have been a miracle. We didn't see the bouncy castle which was a huge shame as I wanted to go on, but due to the low cut dress I was wearing  it was probably better that I hadn't, there might have been some serious 'fall out' if I had
We headed off to our seats and were having a rare old time, 'busting some moves' to the music that was playing,Mr Funky was getting right into it.

Anyhoo we settled down to watch Lashings take to the field and see His Royal Ryanness  take the first wicket. But better than HRR ( yes really) was the brilliant Tino Best. The last time I saw Tino at The Riverside he was a teeny Tyke and took an amazing  catch in the T20 match , only to be branded a cheat by Durham fans!!! Booo  to them he was brilliant .

Lashings went into bat and seriously looked  as if they could beat the Durham XI, but sadly it was not to be, they lost by 1 run.

It was brilliant to see some of the 'older' players back on the circuit and doing great things for charity.

A great fun filled afternoon, so good that Mr Funky was doing his Beastie Boys impersonations on the way home in the big blue tank Funky bus!!!

And then home to get things sorted for the week....................and get prepared for my big surprise, which is now only a couple of weeks away and for which I need to do some serious preparations.

Not long now until I meet up again with the President and First Lady of Middx CCC..............I cannot wait!!!

this week also sees One day matches taking place, so I am taking my radio to work and can tune out of the hideous whaling that pretends to be singing and tune into leather on willow.

After the thrilling T20 match on Saturday  were Lancs beat Kent, there appears to have been some trouble when Lancashire went out to celebrate. It appears that one of their players, and press are suggesting  Liam Livingstone, sustained a head injury after an incident in a bar in Ashford.

Sounds a tad nasty!

But now  I have to head off to the 'orifice' and it is Trill Boy and Pony Paul and I this week, Job the Jolly is on his jollies.

Should be a fun packed week!!!!

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