Friday, 7 August 2015

Woooo I'm going to Scarbados

Wooo I'm going to Scarbados
Wooo land of candy floss
Wooo I'm going to see my Tykes
And hope its not a loss

Which of course it won't be!!!!

And of course it is also F(ryan)day and I should be able to get some more pictures of HRR to add to my collection. I haven't had any of him this year as he has not really played when I have been at matches.

My as yet unpublished book 'Cricketers Posteriors'needs updating!! !! so I will be getting out my Box Brownie and snapping like crazy to make up for it!!! I was hoping to have a publishing deal by now and that the book could be out fo Christmas, but alas it is not to be.
More reason to keep snapping. LOL

I stayed at Chateau Saltburn last night and we went out for dinner to The Ship, the Dame however was not 'playing' at going beach combing  and looking for 'jewels' so  after a quick trip to see the monster children nephews and ex brother in law, we went back to the Chateau where after a couple of glasses of wine and some 'chevre,I promptly  fell asleep. Hey I am great company!!.......except at 1.30am, 3.00am, 4.10am when I was woken up by the German Shepherds that live up the road........hmmmmm I could be in  danger of nodding off this afternoon at this rate.

Over at Trent Bridge yesterday strange things were afoot. England bowled the Australians out in 111 balls!!!
Oh yes they did!!!!
Yes Australia were back out on the field after scoring 60 runs.  The bulk of the wickets being taken by Broad who is this tests Ashes Hero and the one who brought the Urn home,after it being Steve Finn last test.
Regardless of whom did what, they are a team and no one man is bigger than that, no not even 'he who must not be named in the blog'.

Anyhoooo Enlgand were 274-4 at close, the 'Yorkland' pair Little Joey Root and Jonny Bairtstow did well well with  124 NO for Joey and 74 for Jonny.

I am now heading off over the Moors with all my essentials, for the next four days ( and probably a case full of non essentials), the Lady Lainey Limo is fair weighed down!!!!!
The most important thing though is my Yorkshire badge which will be pinned to my jacket/cardigan/dress/tshirt.

I can shout clap and cheer to my hearts content, and do you know what .........................I flipping well will!!!!!


I am off..........................................Scarbados here I come!!!!

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