Wednesday, 30 September 2015

mid week and the pain is hideous

Well it's Wednesday and we are finally midweek, my elbows are more hurty than ever and I am tireder than the tiredest person in tiredville.

And moany too, and my mood is not going to improve when I walk through the doors of Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, it could all kick off today.
However the fact that my elbows hurt so much has to bode well for 'office boys' as I cannot throw, swing or strike anything.

However that's all to come later.

Yesterday I was busy on my top secret mission which was all completed  at about 10pm last night, very exciting but also 26 weeks away, not that I am counting you understand.
To say that I am super excited about this, is am understatement.
More about that nearer the time.

I also have a super day to look forwards to in August next year when Lashings XI will be doing their thing at Darlington CC. The table is coming along nicely and that should be a great day out.

You see the season might be over but I am putting things into place now ready for next season.

Still no word on the Phil Simmons affair but hopefully things will get sorted as the West Indies seem to be in constant disarray.

The England boys are all preparing to fly out to the UAE in preparation  for 5th October and their first match against Pakistan.

OOOOHHH and I forgot to say I have all the details for my course to qualify as an ECB scorer.

As someone told me recently
'You are a cricket tragic'

Tragically I am off to the office now, armed with painkillers.

Unitl tomorrow.

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