Monday, 21 September 2015

Monday again!!!!

Well where on earth did the weekend go?

In a haze of painkillers and work!!!

 Yes I fought on through the pain and managed to get the rest of the trees 'lopped' which meant that there is more sun late afternoon in former ' frog friendly' area of the extensive grounds. I am hoping that if this starts to dry out the chances of me having an 'little friends' visiting next year will become less.

I also had a nap!!!! yes it's a long time since I was having naps at the weekend, and we all know how much I love them.

And I had the power tools out as I did the last of the drilling. I do love power tools!!!

This morning it is cold dark and wet!!!! and all that I can say is that the weather had better get before  the end of the week.....................think I might just check out the weather forecast.

Well had a peep and it doesn't look too bad, might even get some late September tanning in.

Crickety news is a bit low on the ground after the Final on Saturday and as we are into the last week of the domestic season it is will be become even more sparse.
However as is now becoming the 'norm' at the  end of season to  see another player being  given a  ban.Somersets Craig Overton  has been banned for two matches, for his third breach of on field rules.

This made me wonder, players obviously know the 'on field rules' so for him to have breached them three times  begs the question of 'what type of person he is ?'

He is not the only player this season to have been 'had up'on this, once again I wonder where the game of Gentlemen went?

Whilst trawling through the papers looking for some cricket news I found out that ' he who must not be named in the blog' has signed up for the Pakistan Super League, as well as announcing that he is going 'home' to South Africa to play cricket too.  Well he is turning into a cricket 'wh**e'. but he has always gone where the money is. Less High class h**ker, more Side street s**t.  #myopiniononly

Oh well back to my day job and with the tennis elbow not getting any less painful, I will float through the day in Super swanky Lady Lainey office in a haze of painkillers and coffee.

I think that I may struggle to crack the whip today, but I can cope with that, I only have two more work getty ups until I head off to say that I am a little bit excited is an understatement, even though it is the last time that I will see them until next year...................................that is not something that I want to dwell on.

oh well off to do my thing.

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