Saturday, 12 September 2015

Still a Lady in waiting

ooooohhhh 'my boys' are certainly making me wait to let out a cheer and run around the Chateau with my Yorkshire shirt over my head!!!!! ( although judging by the banging hangover I have this morning I might not be running)

They were letting those Middlesex boys  get some runs yesterday, and they are only flipping well 380 runs ahead with 2 wickets in hand!!!
His Royal Ryanness took an early wicket bringing his total of FC wickets to 705................what will his total be at the end of the season?

I think we all know where this match is heading. But hell 'My Tykes' are County Champions and I for one am super bouncy happy about that.

Gillespie the Gallant  was chatting to 5 live Sport yesterday about  all things Yorkshire, and mentioned 'Galeygate' from last season.
He said that the news that Captain Gale couldn't go out and lift the trophy  last season had made his 'blood boil'.
 however it  had driven the team and all the staff on this season.and hopefully today will be the day when Galey can lift the trophy.

10.25am I will be tuning in on't wireless as I do the usual round of Saturday chores.

Other news yesterday was that Nottinghamshire bowler Chris Read became the first player for 18 years to reach 1,000 dismissals. And Notts pulled off a blinding win against Durham, which was a great cause of cheering in the Notts fans camp. ( Sophie Brown) 

And talking Durham they have loaned out Phil Mustard to Lancashire until the end of the season......................... hmmmmmm I know that Lancashire are fighting it out with Surrey for the Division 2 title but is there more to this than meets the eye???!!!!.

I nearly forgot that England won yesterday, but not before that 'cheeky temporary Tyke' Glenn Maxwell took the most amazing catch!!!!! and soon to be one of 'my boys' David Willey was on outstanding form too.

This season is nearly over but next season is shaping up nicely.

However there are still two matches left before I go into hibernation.

I am now off to Homebase, drop something through 'Big Sis' Kiki's letterbox  ( she is still in a strop with me, but is going to Dame Didi's  so the coast will be clear), and then get on with 'stuff' here.

Have a 'Champion; Saturday I know I am going to!!!


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