Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

Yes folks it is All Hallows Eve ( All Saints Eve if you live in a Catholic country). The night when you put out your turnip lamp and hope that no children knock on the door saying 'penny for Halloween'.

Well you can wait to your hearts content because for some unknown reason we have gone all American, yes pumpkins, 'trick or treatin'. Lets knock these Americanisations back over the pond and get back to good old English traditions. I remember the smell of candle stubs in turnips, pretty rank it was, but it was part of my childhood.
I tell you before long we will be seeing 'Thanksgiving' menu's appearing in pubs up and down the land as we take on another American celebration. And whilst I am on a rant, the event in December is Christmas, so you wish people Happy Christmas and not 'Happy Holidays'.

Right Saturday started well didn't it?????

I went off to a party last night but as I am still trying to recover from the effects of the cold lurgy thingy I only stayed a couple of hours and then came home.

Over in The UAE , Shane Warne has been giving Adil; Rashid some tips which 'kinda freaked ' me out a bit.

Shane.   So Dilly you seem to have nice white teeth, you won't be needing my dentists number.

Adil.  Err about my bowling...

Shane.  You seem to have a good head of hair, here feel mine you wouldn't believe  that only a few years ago I was going bald.

Adil. Errrrrrr if you don't mind can we get on to my bowling..

Shane And NEVER EVER EVER go out into the field without your Estee Lauder products on, you don't want to get to retirement with crows feet now do you???

Adil  COACH, COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it was something like that.

No team news yet for tomorrow, but remember it all kicks off around 6am

see you back here around that time.

Happy All Hallows Eve

Friday, 30 October 2015

It's finally F(ryan)day

Thank flip it's F(ryan)day and I really needed a picture of His Royal Ryanness to cheer me up after what has been a very miserable week on many counts.

Feeling unwell is something that regular readers will know, I do not handle well and tend to march on until I eventually collapse ( which probably explains why with the 'horrible lurgy thing' I end up in hospital).I am however feeling now as if I am running at 75% which is better than the 10% I was running at on Tuesday!.
I do believe in the power of Green tea.

After not being able to find any cricket news yesterday, I was inundated with tweets regarding things that I had missed, including Michael Vaughans birthday ( 41), Ashton Agar  hitting his maiden first class century, who will ever forget his amazing 98 against Enlgand at Trent bridge in 2013? What an innings that was for a very young man, on his debut for his country.
So having missed those I am scanning like mad this morning and cannot find anything of interest!!!

I do know that as I am typing this South Africa are in action.

And the Adelaide Strikers ( my other pet team for obvious reasons) have signed Jon Holland and are being sponsored by Jeep. Hmmmm wonder what Gillespie the Gallant will be driving????

Just heard that Mark Wood is ruled out of the third test due to an ankle injury, oh yes the old 'crocked' curse strikes again. however hope that he recovers soon.

This could however push Liam Plunkett out into the arena,and about time too, Yorkland,Yorkland, Yorkland!!!!

Also talking Yorkland/Yorkshire lets talk Yorstralia mate, good old Finchy who was playing for Central Aus XI, scored 288 not out against New Zealand  who used 10 bowlers and then declared both innings due to the state of the pitch....................or throwing toys out of their pram????
Hmmm not a lot to read on this at the moment.

I am sure I will be reading a lot more about it in the next few minutes.

Anyhoooooooo, its cold, its dark and its raining, and I have to put the chuffing recycling bins out too.

Ooohhhhhh and I got a new fire for super sitting room, now I just have to find a gas engineer and bricky and joiner and tiler and carper refitter to sort it all out for me................................why are things never easy??????

Right off for another day of peace and quiet and some napping.
And its F(ryan)day which means 7 'working' hours until it is the weekend

Thank flip for that!!!!!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

any cricket news today?

I am scanning  everywhere like a crazy Lady Lainey to find some cricket news, because if there isn't any, you will be getting 10 paragraphs on my poorly elbow and my cold.

Oh well here goes, I managed to eat something last night without it making a repeat appearence and my throbbing headache has finally cleared. Now I just have a (still) throbbing elbow, a hacking cough and sore throat.

Still no cricket news....... as you know when you have a cold or flu, they tell you to drink plenty of liquids and get plenty of rest.................biggest oxymoron ever. I have been drinking litres and litres of fluid ( mainly green tea, red bush tea and water) and have had to get up nearly every hour during the night to 'spend a penny'. How the flip are you supposed to get plenty of rest?????

Still no news not even that Shane Warne has had more botox  Estee Lauder products!!........ I went to the hairdressers last night to get my orange curls chopped into some sort of order, and 'Mrs Snips' the hairdresser only said that I was not having anymore orange curls.........................woooooooo there!!! No more orange curls!!!!! How the diddly dooo will anyone recognise the 6ft 3in Glamazon without her orange curls.
We apparently I am going to have copper blonde curls, which Mrs Snips the hairdresser said will be much more flattering and a lot easier to maintain.

Still no cricket news....not even a ' he who must not be named in the blog' story............

...........Got the news of the big Xmas Gut bash this year when we are heading down to former home of I,Lady Lainey, yes we are heading down to London.The office boys  mulled over the menu and tried to figure out what  'Valrhona' was as well as ' Vacherin'. ' I think they are the same thing' said 'Thickest Boy'
 Well that should make for an interesting lunch as he has no idea what they are. for me its heaven,my  two favourite things, chocolate and cheese!!!

Well now whats this I hear????!!!!!!

His Royal Ryanness gets a contract with  'Head and Shoulders'?

Gillespie the Gallant was approached by 'Just for Men' but turned it down.

Lady Lainey has just made up the above.

Well it's been a slow Thursday.

Hopefully F(ryan)day is more fruitful.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wish I felt better!!

Oh my dog!!!!!! to say that I feel poorly is an understatement.I managed to get through yesterday including having my face blasted with diamonds. ( which was lovely really).

However I got home,  made some dinner and never even got to eat it,before I was sick and then so cold that my teeth were actually chattering. By 7.30pm I was in bed in pj's, dressing gown, a hot water bottle and two duvets! I was still freezing,
This mornig trying to get out of bed was a real effort. my stomach feels as if I have been doing hundreds of sit ups, my head feels like someone elses( and I wish it was) and my legs and arms hurt so much. I doubt this is full blown flu as when I had it  I actually couldn't get out of bed for 4 days.
My only concern is that this doesn't get any worse and transform into the heart palpitating temperature spiking lurgy which usually involves a spell in hospital. No we are not going down that route.

So green tea, and cold and flu remedy are the way forward,as long as they stay down!!!!

I see me havng a day long nap at Super swanky Lady Lainey office today!

I have been reading about the bid to get T20 cricket as an Olympic Sport. Well I think that it would be brilliant and for me much better than beach volleyball. Shane Warne ( nee Hurley) is one of the great supporters of getting it into the Olympics.
T20 is being touted as the best format for being played. cricket has not featured in the Olympics since 1900.
With so many countries now playing cricket it woukls be great to see this happen. I am for once totally behind old Warney!

What I am not too keen on is the fact that in November he is taking his 'roadshow; of to the USA to play a series  of all Star Matches to help globalise the sport.

The USA is the wrong place to do this as they will claim to have invernted the game.


They will turn a gentlemans sport into a complete circus ( worse than an IPL match)


Why would you go to the USA???? A country who play rounders and netball as their national sports!!!!!


Hopefully if he goes there he might stay! which is actually a plus!

Oh dear I am being a tad abrasive this morning, so think that I had better try and move my seriously aching body and get off to the office.


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Full of cold and not happy

Oh lordy,   I am full of cold, raging temperature and  sore throat..............................I feel rubbish.

And I have to go to the office which will be cold.

Well nothing else that I can do except take liquids and tablets to try to ease my aches and ailments,  I can hardly drum up any enthusiasm.

Which is how I felt after England lost against Pakistan. Even though Adil Rashid tried very hard to make a stand.
Captain Cook stated that their first innings collapse contributed to them losing....................................ehhhhh I would have thought that the cricketing community knew this already and did not need it highlighting. The majority of us watched or listened to it!!!

I suppose we will just have to see what happens  in the next test.

And so it begins!!! yes the talk of T20 rebranding looks to be starting. Gloucesterashire may rebrand themselves as Bristol!!
I can see it now,

Middlesex will become St Johns Wood Warriors

Durham will become Chester le Street Chargers

Lancashire will become Manchesters Madhatters

Surrey will be Kennington Kings

And my Tykes will be Lady Lainey's Leeds 'Leven!

yes I think that you get the drift. And I guess that you can see that I do not like the idea at all. Call me a purist, T20 does not float my boat but I know that it is vital to clubs to bring in much needed quick cash.
And it does make for an entertaining evening with Sam and Simon Gosney especially after a few Proseccos!! ( not to mention naughty Glenn Maxwell and Jonny 'give it 'ere' Bairstow)

I just don't get why they have to have a branding for the city.

so time and my nose are running away and it is time for me to hit the road.

I am now going to share my germs with all the office boys. You see I was brought up to share.
I am also off at lunchtime for diamond microdermabrasion, I have this every winter to try to undo the damage sitting out in the sun/wind/and rain at cricket may have done.

Tomorrow my skin will be smooth as a babies bottom.

So until then have a good Tuesday.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Not Monday again

Bluurrghhhhh it be Monday again and I am not in any way, shape, or form ready for it.
I am tired ( no change there then), I don't want to go to the office because it smells...... yes it really does!! and worse on Mondays after office boys have consumed goodness knows what over the weekend, yes it is smellville.

Anyhoo yesterday, very early 8.15am Chris came and picked me up and we headed off to the boot sale. We wandered around for an hour and then decided that we would have a coffee and head off further afield to do some shopping. Oh dear, I came home with two new pairs of shoes and two handbags...................because I needed them!!!

Hmmmmmm I am not allowing myself any more shoes for at least a year. There I have said it and written it down.

And then there was cricket.......................South African style!!!
OMG!!!!! They were playing India in the ODI and the most amazing exhibition of batting took place. Firstly de Kock hit 109, brilliant. Then Faf hit 134 before being taken off after hideous attacks of cramp.
On came AB and OMG he hit 119.
Well India went in to bat and tried but fell short by over 20 runs.
These South African boys are making their mark.

Sadly in Dubai England are not fairing well and I can see a defeat looming even though at this moment the 'Yorkland' boys Root and Bairstow are batting.

I had a little discussion on Twitter with Sophie,she seemed a bit surprised that one of my two 'pet' international teams, was Australia.

Now I have always loved the Aussies and love the way they play.I love their whole attitude to the game.
They show a passion for the game which sometimes I think is missing in others.They do seem to ooze pride in playing for their country.

Now as you know nothing will ever replace my love for my Tykes, but we are lucky at Headingley to have some great 'Yorstralians' playing and coaching.
Ahhh I get the best of both worlds.

A quick round up from the counties.

Durham have extended Ryan Pringle's contract after much speculation on his future.

Kents Adam Riley has extended his contract too.

Northamptonshire who seemed to be in serious financial trouble, have been given a £250,000 loan form Northants County Council.Hopefully this will put them back onto a stable footing for the upcoming season.

So now I am about to head off down the A1 and go through the torture which is work.

I hope that I win the lottery this week or get my dream job, that way I can get back to actually enjoying work again.

A tout a l'heure

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Winter is coming

Yes indeedy winter is coming, last night we all ( well most of us) put our clocks back an hour and had a lie in this morning. I woke up at 5.30am as normal only to realise that I hadn't changed the clock in my bedroom and it was 4.30!!!

The storming headache that I had didn't help either!!! I had nipped round to besty friend Christines house last night ( she of the Royal Hounds) to have a quick catch up, which turned into a 2 bottles of wine, putting the world to rights, which turned into  me wandering home at 11pm past the kebab shop.....................well you know what that turned into.

I am now lying in bed listening to the test, however I am getting up in as soon as I have finished this as I am off to the boot sale with Chris.

I actually did a lot of visiting and friend type stuff yesterday as I 'nipped' over to 'Mad' Nikki 's house to drop off some bits and pieces and also to catch up with the very lovely youngest edition to the clan, Millie Rose. Ahhh I love babies and had a lovely couple of hours having cuddles and giggles with Millie.

I had only just got home and got a call from Besty friend Franny, we chatted for an hour and then I settled myself on the sofa and had a nap.

So yesterday at the test, well England did what they do best, they had a 'lttle' collapse and were 242 all out.
Oh dear!!! It is not getting any better.

 today Pakistan are batting well in their second innings.

And that is really all that can be said about the it!!!

In Zimbabwe, Afghanistan have clinched an historic one day series win over their hosts. They are the first non test team to win an ODI series against a test team.

Okey Dokey I am off to get some clothes on and head off to the boot sale.

I woke up this morning with  glittery nails and do not remember painting them last night!!!!

Thought for the day.

If you cant convince them,
Confuse them!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Super Saturday lie in

As you all know I,Lady Lainey do not hold with the lying around in bed until afternoon at all, however the past few weeks of elbow pain and work took it's toll last night, and resulted in me waking up from a very deep slumber at 8.30am. now as you all know I would have had 300 loads of washing done by this time normally and  already have been to Lady laineyville for my weekly walk into pushchair/pram hell.

Ahhhh Phooey I am chilling out and about to put on the TV and see what has been happening in Dubai whilst I have been sleeping.

Yesterday England did indeed so as I asked and bowled Pakistan out by lunch and then went into bat...........................................................well some did. Ali having been bumped up the order was out for 1 and the man with no lips continued in his usual form and was out for 4!, which begs the question 'What is he doing in the side?'
And to be honest with his colouring he is hardly going to enjoy time around the pool!.

major rethink on him I think.

however Root and Bairstow went in to see England through to close of play.

Fatty Flintoff has been opening his cake hole, obviously like his pal 'he who must not be named in the blog' pops up every now and again just to remind us he is still here!.
Anyhooo he has said that this England team is the best ever!!!!

Errrr they are good but not the best ever. when they clear out the dead wood and bring in 'The lovely jack Leaning' I will reconsider his statement.

I need to crack on as there are leaves to rake up ( autumn does not take into account my tennis elbow) and if you remember this time last year I slipped on wet leaves in the extensive rear grounds of Chateau de Champions and chipped the bone in said elbow. So best to get them cleared up asap!.

Ooohhhh and it is nearly November and nearly my birthday!!!!! ooohhhhhh I am getting super excited already!!!!

Right off to put on TMS and head to the garden.

Friday, 23 October 2015

F(ryan)day I love you!!!!

Well hello F(ryan)day!!!!!  I am so glad to see you that I nearly got up at 3 am in my excitement. And then I had the shock of realisation that it was 3am and went back to sleep until 5am.

Today I am going to work with new purpose. Things are rubbish but you know what, only I can make them better and I am on the way to doing that. Having had a chat with the old  flame ( never wanted to be Lord Lainey, was a Lord already) last night about what a rubbish day I'd had, he gave me some very sound advice which did not involve inflicting any pain on the perpetrators.

I have quite a lot of work to do this weekend and nothing is going to stop me from doing it.
After getting some new furniture for the home office I have some work to do in that room and intend to get on with it.

Over in the UAE England were in action yesterday as they started the 2nd Test against Pakistan.

At about 8.30am yesterday good old Jonny Bairstow  took an amazing catch and he wasn't even wearing the gloves. He really is a top boy.
Ben Stokes had recovered from his 'stomach bug'.
However England were thwarted by Pakistan captain  Misbah-Ul-Haq who hit 102 and who at 41 became the oldest test centurion since 1978.
Today England need to get him out first ball and then take out the others before lunch..................................hmmmmmmmmnot too sure.

After my totally rubbish day, I settled down to watch the Highlights of the India v South Africa match. India needed to win to get back into the series. I was in AB heaven which boosted my mood. However sadly my SA boys could not beat the 299 set by India and fell 35 runs short.

The series is still not won so it trundles onto Mumbai.

Here in county news, Middlesex, Sussex and Kent are still  signing and resigning players, so there is still things happening behind the scenes here.

Right I am off to finish my week. Have a great F(ryan)day where ever you are...........................I am 7 working hours away from 'party central' ( in real terms lying around on the chaise longue with a blanky thrown over me).

Thought for the day.

Great minds discuss ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Tired Thursday

Wow I am tired this morning and that is not a good start to Thursday. I have had a very disturbed night due to excessive elbow pain and hideous weather outside. I know from the trees that it is Autumn, but last night it sounded like full blown winter. It is blowing a gale outside and to I think it may be time to bring out the big guns!!!! Yes I may be searching through the winter coats this morning!!.

Over in Dubai I very much doubt that rain and high winds will be stopping play as England are about an hour away from start of play in the second test against Pakistan.
Rumour has it that Stokes is not fit to play as he has a stomach virus!! Not that old chestnut???? yeah the office  boys all have a stomach virus on Monday after a heavy weekend!
There seems to be a lot of jostling for the top spot in the team. OMG as if it makes any difference, because for starters I see Captain Cook going very cheaply this morning if they bat first. Never consistent.

And then over in India South Africa kick off at 9am. OOOOOOHHHHHHHH mahoooosivee girl crush on ADBV................

I saw the headline that Lancashire pair had renewed contract and I thought I was correct in my prediction that Prince was coming back out of retirement along with Joe Scuderi, however it was not to be. Alex Davies and Matthew Parker  have in fact  renewed contracts with the county.

Today is the day that 'Big Si' comes up from HQ in London. Now that should make for a very quiet and well behaved  office boys.

And finally

Dame Didi has been very poorly with horrible chesty, coughy lurgy which hopefully after going back to the quack yesterday, may start to improve, however its her ears that I hope  get better soon,

Conversation from last night

LL. ' You know Former Lord Lainey used to call Feethams (FEET HAMS) Feethams ( FEETH AMS)'

DD 'Did you just say Former Lord Lainey and threesomes????'

LL & DD  'Baaaahhaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa'

you get the picture!!!!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Joy of midweek

Well I made it to mid week and now just have 21 more work hours until the weekend.  I know that I shouldn't be wishing the week away, but I  honestly want to get this week over and done with and behind me.

however at least there is cricket starting tomorrow which is a good thing, and  am spoilt for choice as England are takng on Pakistan and South Africa are still in India..
Better remember to record that,

Other cricket news,
Former Tyke Ollie Robinson who left under a cloud, and went off to Sussex, has signed a two year deal to stay with the club.
Robinson ( no relation), had a brilliant season with Sussex even though the club were relegated. Good luck to him.

Other Robinson news, Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo ( he is related), Captain of Birmingham City scored again last night which  made it 2 in 2 for the DEFENDER!!!! Now what ever Mrs Hooligan is feeding him of late its working.
4 boys in the hooligan house refused to go to bed until they had spoken to their Dad,so I am guessing there are a couple of tired little ones this monring.

Rt Hon hooligan did however get a yellow card, but hey thats par for the course.

Well done that Robinson boy. What a star!!!!

Dame Didi is none too well and will probably not read this until later this AM,so I am hoping that you did wake up feeling a little better.

I had a message from El Presidenti of Middx CCC, he had been playing golf with an old flame of mine, at some 'old cricket boys play golf' event.. From the sounds of it they are becoming a bit of an inseperable pair on the golf course..............................hmmmmmmm not a pair I would have put together but obviously entertaining each other with their antics.
Having been asked to go and caddy next time, I politely refiused. Been there numerous times and had the split sides to prove it!!!!!!

Right I am off to the offiice today, split sides are something that will not be on the agenda. In fact it is quieter than normal as boys have a little paddy and are not talking to me.  Ahhhhhh peace and quiet,how blissful and how flipping childish. There hit the nail on the head!!!!

Love it when they get all shirty with me makes the day much more enjoyable.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

can now add engineer to my CV

Yes indeedy,I was t'internet -less yesterday morning as I couldn't be bothered to get my butt out of bed and sort out my new Sky box thingy that went 'live' yesterday.

So I came home from Super swanky Lady Lainey office and  'Hey Presto' I plugged it in and had my beloved broadband back!

So now I am lying in bed doing my blog on my laptop.

Talk is going on a the ICC about using different coloured balls during test when they are under floodlights.
Hmmm the purist in me is now starting to get a little angry.
If they are thinking about changing the colour of balls under floodlights lets do something really shocking and play the game in DAYLIGHT!!!! As it was meant to be played. Then we could use the red ball and play in whites as cricket was meant to be played.

All this flipping fussing around with day/night game, changing the colour of the ball, third umpires who make decisions that two men out in the middle are paid to do but don't............................oooohhh do  not get me started on a rant, it has taken me nearly 20 years to get used to coloured clothing.

Hell when I am the Queen of cricket......................well that's for another day.

I try not to make the bog political in any way shape or form as that is all too boring, however when it creeps into my beloved cricket I  find it very sad. Over in India, the Pakistan umpire Aleem Dar will take no further part in the series against South Africa.
Due to difficult  relations between India and Pakistan and a storming of the Indian Cricket Council by Far right Hindu nationalists, it was decided that he would be replaced.

Over in Nottinghamshire, Peter Moores has extended his contract as Coaching consultant for a further two years. Lets hope that Big Lukey gets something out of this.

Well word from the scuttlebutt is that the 'Big Boss' is up at Super swanky Lady Lainey office Thursday or Friday, although at the moment we are unsure which day it is.One thing is for sure, Trill Boy will struggle through the day being on  his best behaviour.

Oh well best get a wriggle on got the barnet to wash and today I am going to rock my over the knee boots to the office.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Back in the real world

And so this morning I woke up in my own bed, on my own, no horrendous smells fouling the air and no 'kisses' when I move to get up. yes I am back in the Chateau and my stint of dog sitting is over.

It has been fun ( apart from picking up poop!) and it has been an experience. I know that big dogs are wonderful but three of them are way too much for me to handle. My desparate need for a dog has wained slightly over the last three days especially as I know how tying they are and I am way too much of a free spirit to want to be tied down. And how could I just take off on a whim to cricket if I had a doggy.

And talking cricket,David Willey has signed to play cricket in the BBL this winter for Perth Scorchers. He will take no part in the England Lions tour .
Now this looks a little suspect to me, although the ECB have said that they are behind Willey  as it is a great opportunity to go and hone his T20 skills ahead of the ICCWorld T20 in India next year.
I still think it is odd that you leave the England side to go play in Australia, maybe I have it all wrong!

We have no more England cricket until Thursday, however there will be more South Africa cricket on the same day as they are playing in Chennai. OOOhh I love a bit of Abraham Benjamin and Francois, actually I love this South African team nearly as much as the team of  1994, oh yes you couldn't beat 'Big Mac'.

Well I have to head off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office where after a weekend on the booze and eating takeaways, the air will be polluted by the office boys breaking wind, which with hindsight is a damn sight worse than the dogs.

I am also doing this on my phone again as I have not had time this morning to plug in my new hib as I have switched to Sky.

Its on my to do list as soon as I get home tonight.

Until tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday in 'The Dog House'

Well another night of fighting with the duvet with the Royal hounds and I am shattered. They are now all zonked out on the sofas and the bed whilst I try to summon the energy to get in the bath.

Yesterday was a busy day with dig feeding, walking,walking through  clouds of toxic dog wind and finally getting a nap at 4pm.

Over in The UAE England were trying very hard to get a win sgainst Pakistan. Adil Rashid, who had been torn to pieces by hacks in his first innings, managed to  prove everyone of them wrong by taking a 5 wicket haul.

However that and England trying valiently they were unable to win the match.
Much has been said about the wicket so it will be intrresting to see what the post mortom of the match brings up.

Strange things are going on at Durham CCC as it appears they are letting players go. It does seem as if they are not as stable financially as they portray.

I am packing my bags ready to go home to the peace and tranquility of Chateau de Champions. I think that I will be glad to see my own bed tonight.

I have lots to do at home this week and it is the start of my big fitness campaign.
Yes I am finally feeling  a bit better elbow wise so can get back to some kind of normality.

So I am off now sort its a short one I am still doing this on my phone.

Oohhh I love these dogs but cannot wait to get jome .

Saturday, 17 October 2015

I've only done 1200 blogs!!!!!!

Heavans to Betsey, would you believe that I have actually scribbled 1200 blogs!!! OH MY DAYS!!!! and some of you have read nearly every one of them.


Or just carry on reading because you can be sure that there is better to come.
This time 100 blogs ago I NEVER imagined that I would be interviewing Gillespie the Gallant and not only once but twice!!!
Yes this blog is going places, where I am not sure but hey lets see where the next 100 blogs take us.

So I have just had my first night dog sitting.I have to say they three legged lurcher had me up 4 times to go out......only to wait until I had opened the door and then race back upstairs and stretch out on the bed.

All three dogs have now taken control of the sofas meaning I am in the conservatory!!!!!. Its also it is raining so I am not relishing the thought of 'walkies'

Over in the UAE Captain Cook was having a great day yesyerday as he was sailing closer to 400 runs however it was not to be. However this has to be the most tedious test I have ever had to listen to. Ihave chosen not to watch it.

Captain Cook also batted for like a million years and there was lots of confusion in the TMS box as to whether or not it was a record.

Right best go and feed the hounds.

And then I am having a bath. First one since Scarbados!

Woooohooooo 1200 blogs

Friday, 16 October 2015

Hurray it's F(ryan)day

Oh thank goodness it is F(ryan)day ( any excuse for a picture of His Royal Ryanness), and it is 7 working hours away from the weekend...........................I am super flipping bouncy excited, although I am not sure that on Monday I will be feeling the same.
I am doing my 'best friend good deed' this weekend and moving in to the house of besty friend Christine to look after the Royal Hounds, you just know that this is not going to be the most relaxing weekend ever. Imagine I,Lady Lainey trying to take out the 'beasts; for walkies especially with tennis elbow/tendonitis.

I think that they will be doing laps of the garden whilst I recline in the conservatory. Bedtime will be a case of who gets in first, and once a German Shepherd, Doberman and lurcher get in I doubt that there will be much room for me. Last time I stayed I woke up thinking that I was paralyzed until I saw the 9st Leo laid on my legs.

Yes it is going to be fun and games.

Well fun and games it wasn't for Alistair Cook yesteday as he batted all day in the Abu Dhabi heat to hit a magnificent unbeaten 168.
The man with no lips  made his innings so dull that watching paint dry really was a viable option.
At stumps Enlgand  were 290-3 after losing their nightwatchman Mark Wood before the close of play.
At least there were some supporters there yesterday as in day 1  the ground was empty.

I spoke  to my Globe trotting friend Rob who is currently living in the UAE after being in Singapore and Hong Kong. He works very close to the cricket ground over seeing the building of the new airport in Abu Dhabi.

  Anyhooo around the counties things are still in motion as Surrey sign Mark Footitt from Derbyshire and  over in besty home county in the south Hampshire, James Vince signed a new contract and also took on the Captains mantle, or wahtever they do in cricket !!???
take over the captains bat???.

step into the Captains jockstrap???
Take on  the captains box????

Well whatever,good luck to Vincey.

The Chris Cairns trial is underway and I fear we have only scuffed the side of the preverbial cricket ball.
I fear that this may be a trial that we don't want to hear about but cannot wait to find out the next installment.

Well time and weekend wait for no Lady so I am off to do my thing and hopefully it will soon be 4,30pm and I can go home to three large dogs all wanting to be loved.

Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

I'm a busy Lady

Oh yes I have indeed been busy, I have been putting quill to parchment and scribbling away at my 'Top Secret' project.
I now have 'permission' to go ahead with it and have decided that I will announce the whole thing on my birthday ( November 15th in case you have forgotten). I am super flipping excited and know that I will also  benefit enormously from it

What is it?????I hear you all cry.

Well I am just being a tease now and cannot tell.  Sorry.

What I don't want to tell is the score from  the UAE yesterday.....................firstly though I have to say that although I did predict that Steven Finn would be crocked I did not for one moment imagine that my ramblings would come true.
Finn is now to take no further part in the Pakistan tour as he as a stress fracture to his foot.
He is destined to always be the bridesmaid I fear!

Anyhooo back to the game.

Pakistan resumed their innings and Shoab Malik hitting a double century. They declared on  523-8.
England in reply closed over night on 56 without loss.
I am not going to say anything about the bowling as I think that lots of people voiced their feelings on Twitter.
I think that England need to up their game.


Oh joy 'he who must not be named in the blog' has been making his biltong hole go again.  He is looking forward to a possible coaching role with England. Hell, so I am!!!! infact I think that I could do a better job then him.

KP's prematch talk.

KP. Well boys it playtime and as you all know I am the greatest player in the world and I know how to win matches. I can bowl too and I am a pretty outstanding fielder too. I know that when I speak everyone listens and I know the my best mate Piers also Tweets everything that I say just to make sure it gets to every form of low life too.
So  today I want you to go out into the field and think that you are me. Go out and know that you are a winner and know that everyone loves, respects and wants to be you. Go out and win the game for you, not for England,after all if you are me you are South African.

England team.  ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lady Lainey team talk

LL.  OK boys, you are great players or you wouldn't be sitting in this dressing room, you need to focus on what you want to achieve out there today. You need to think about how you are going to achieve this and then go out and put that into action.
In the words of my favourite Bond Villain ( and a canny Yorkshireman to boot) 'For England James!
Now for flipping  hecks sake go and win and stop giving that blinking South African something to talk about in the papers.
Oh and can all the Yorkshire boys each get a century including you Liam Plunkett.

England Boys  Rightio your Ladyship, we'll go and do our chuffing best and make you jolly well proud of us. Tally ho!!!!

See I think I could be halfway good at this coaching lark.

Sit in the sunshine watch cricket drink copious amounts of coffee, eat cake go into dressing room shout at boys and look pretty too, not far removed from what I do now, except its cricket !

However in the real world I am now off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office to shout at boys drink copious amounts of hideous vomit inducing 'Gold Blend'coffee and look very pretty for 7 hours.

Well someone has to.

Until tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Midweek in the Chateau

well it's Wednesday and we are halfway through the week.

Yesterday was a quiet non eventful day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office due to the fact that Trill Boy has hit juvenile rock bottom and 'isn't speaking' to me. Wooohooo what an amazing day I had. Although he did sit singing children's songs for the majority of my working day.

The sooner I start writing for a cricket paper the better!!!

And talking about cricket, England were in action yesterday against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi in a stadium that appeared to be empty!!!
Anderson took two  wickets with Broad and Stokes taking one a piece.

Pakistan dug in and Younis Khan became Pakistans leading run scorer, and Shoab Mailk hit his first test century.
Pakistan closed on 286-4 meaning that England need to take some early wickets this morning.

news filtered through that the young wizz bowler at Hampshire, Mason Crane has signed  a new two year contract seeing him with the club until 2017. This is one talented young man.

Today I am off to the office and also going to try to get sorted with my elbow which is still giving me a colossal amount of pain.
I am now surviving on a few hours of sleep as the pain when I move is enough to wake me up.

I also have to stop in on besty friend Christine, as I am looking after 'The Royal Hounds' at the weekend.
Now that is bound to be entertaining!!!!

Short one today,

So until tomorrow when I hope to have lots of things to report...............................or I willl have to take to making it up.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My new friend Eric

I have a new friend
Eric is his name
I fear my life on Twitter 
 May never be the same

His chat is very witty
And he likes to dress up too
He spends some time with horses
I bet he walks in poo

He like sausages and treats
he gets them if he's good
I bet that's nearly all the time
And he'd pinch them if he could!!

He says he's getting some Speedos
To go swimming in the sea
I seen him in his shower cap 
And his 'camoflagery'

So that's my new friend Eric
Sometimes sleek and sometimes hairier
But what else would you expect  
From a gorgeous Border Terrier


Meanwhile over on Sky England are  Pakistan and as I predicted last Friday Steven Finn is not fit to play!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Like a hamster in a wheel!!!!

Hello Monday, how come you are back to visit me so soon??????

Where has the weekend gone????

Why do I have to go to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office again???

Please no!!!!!! I don't like it anymore!!!

Oh well  whether I like it or not I have to go and that's all there is to it!!!!

However yesterday was a bit of a goody,cricket wise.
After posting my blog and making myself another cup of coffee, I settled myself back into bed and tuned in to  Sky Sports on my lapdog ( I do not have a TV in mon  boudoir, ce n'est pas bon pour dormir!).
Anyhoo I was watching the wonderful AB de Villiers playing the most amazing last few overs and hitting a 6 with the last ball taking his score to 104.

And then he smiled..................................ooohhhhhI think that I might have a little crush on him.

And then South Africa went on to win the  match against India and he was smiling a lot

And then the last part of 'Cricketing Yorkshire' came on and  my little crush went out the window as I saw  'My boys' again.

ahhhh I even had a little cry (again) when I saw His Royal Ryanness take his 700th wicket , and when Captain Gale got the trophy.

Then I popped out to Homebase and Sainsburys and when I got back there was a programme on about this years world cup, so I watched that.

All in all it was a full on crickety day and what better way to spend a Sunday than in Cricket World.

And Finally

today the 12th October, would have been my wedding anniversary............................................and from next year I will be celebrating July 10th which is my divorce anniversary, official!!!

Hang on what did I do on July 10th this year?...........................oh yes I got squiffy at Headingley and dropped my key and couldn't take a selfie...........................well you all know the rest

Yes 10th July is going to be a day to remember every year from now on.

In the mean time I am heading off down the A1.................................I really do feel like a hamster on a wheel.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

a day of rest I think!

Yes today I think that I am going to take it easy.
Yesterday was a bit full on what with shopping and then washing every washable thing in the Chateau, and then cooking,  by 12.30pm I had taken myself off to mon boudoir for a lie down ( and to hide from Kiki who was threatening to call in even though I had said no).

I whipped up some super wonderful food including the most amazing vegan fruit and nut cake ( I can tell you that this morning there is not a lot of that left).

I had a nap and then got myself all dressed up and waited for the roar of the Ferrari as I  was treated to another evening out,
This one is however tinged with a bit of sadness as Black Knight is now off to Singapore/Hong Kong/Australia and New Zealand where he is going to be doing some business.He expects to be back by Xmas or New Year at the latest.
Good for him though as he puts all the rubbish of the last two years behind him and gets on with it.
A lesson that I need to take on board!!!!!!

We toddled down to swanky  restaurant in local village, scene a while ago of a bit of a set too with the owner over a forgotten booking.
I looked at Black Knight and said

'I thought you were never to darken the door of this establishment'

Black Knight looked at me and said

'We'll see'

Needless to say that we had a fine fillet steak with an array of fabulously fattening trimmings!!

We (I) had a bottle of champagne  (on the house).
The meal was lovely and surprisingly no matter how much we were offered free coffee and brandy, BK said no and we headed back to mine for  coffee,homemade cherry brandy and vegan cake.

How we got the full VIP treatment in the restaurant I will be never ( and probably do not want to ) know, but I am guessing that they have missed out on some high spending business dinners of late!!!!
I was tucked up in bed by 11.30 pm and surprisingly sober, Black Knight roared off  home to finish packing his smalls ready for the off on Wednesday.
Exciting times ahead for him.

I am up and have the TV on as I am watching India V South Africa in the ODI,  then at 12.30pm today ( and  I am recording it) we have the final instalment of 'Cricketing Yorkshire'. I am both sad and excited about seeing this ( and no doubt will be watching it a million times over the coming months).

I love a bit of AB!!!!

I also have more junk  treasures to sell on ebay  which will help in the continued 'slimming down' of all thing  in The Chateau.

And then it will nearly be time for bed and to start the week all over again!

Have a super smashing Sunday

And don't forget we have England cricket action starting on Tuesday

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Let 'le Weekend'begin

Yeah!!! It's the weekend and already I am up and dressed and raring to go, which is typical  because as the mornings are getting darker ( and soon to be darker still), during my working week I am finding it harder and harder to get myself out of my bed..
Today however I have a lot of things that I need to do and need to start out quite early.
Firstly I am heading over to see Countess Christine and the Royal Hounds, once that is done I am heading to the township of Lady Laineyville and then home to do washing, lawn mowing, and general tidying up.

Once all that is done, you will find me reclining on the chaise longue eating grapes and watching rubbish TV.

Now yesterday saw more strange crickety type news as it was announced that Danny Briggs was joining Sussex on a three year contract after Hampshire agreed to release him.

why would you go for a Div 1 side to a Div 2 side???
He says he is exciting about the future.

All a bit strange in my eyes, but hey I am no expert.

England finished their warm up matches with all hacks seeing Steve Finn as the saviour of the team, ahhhh come on, we all know that it will end in tears and they will be on his back instantly when he does not deliver in a test.



Yesterday saw I,Lady Lainey having a little rant in Super Swanky office before settling down with my book in my office and gulping down lots of coffee, and then having a 'lightbulb' moment.
By the time I was home I had got everything in order and was jolly pleased with myself. What exactly am I doing?
Well all will be revealed at the end of next month, and believe me you will all be super shocked by it.
Intriguing????Mysterious?????? well yes but I have a few more phone calls,emails and direct messages to make to confirm that everything is in order and then I can reveal a matter of speaking.

I also saw yesterday that the lovely Rob from Flicx Pitches, who made the wicket for my 'Little Men' is going sober for October. if you would like to help him reach his total then this is the link to use

and thank you in advance.

Oh well this is not getting the washing done, or the lawns mown or the visiting done, so I am offfffffffff to do everything thing morning and then relax this afternoon.

Have a super Saturday.

A tout a l'heure 

Friday, 9 October 2015

Thank flip it's F(ryan)day

Oh thank flip that it is F(ryan)day and that means that the weekend is 7 office hours away.
This is made easier by the fact that I am now virtually ( and I say virtually) pain free in both elbows. I have had to discard the support which it seems did more harm than good and  do some little exercises. In three days things seem to be going along better than in three weeks.
This should see me in the best temper ever today.................................unless the office boys play up ( and of late I have found that lots of boys have been playing up). So lets see if I can get to the end of the day without having a temper tantrum.

Back to yesterday as Enlgnd were into there second warm up match against Pakistan A.
It was a good day for the bowlers as England took to the field. Steven Finn took  four wickets, and you know my view there, he will be crocked for the rest of the tour, you mark my words.
Adil Rashid bowled brilliantly,taking three wickets, the thing that I love about 'Dilly' is that, he seems to go about his 'work' in a quiet and dignified manner.

The first test starts next week and there will be some disappointed players, those who don't get picked, but that the way the bails fly.

Surrey are looking to get their side in order long before the start of the new season as they get James Burke to sign a  for a further two seasons. Burke came from Somerset last season.

And now as I gear up for the weekend, I am also making a list of things 'to do' and most of them revolve around the garden.
If it rains it means that I may be able to set the garden incinerator going and get the leaves from the Horse chestnut tree burnt, as I will be raking them up with great gusto (  yeah right) tomorrow morning.
Last bit of strimming to be done and hopefully the final lawn cut of the season, weather permitting. Then it is indoors for the continued clear out of the Chateau.

I am constantly amazed at how much one person can hoard.

I have however NOT thrown one single cricket ticket/scorecard/programme. Or any of the other cricket  'stuff' that I have accumulated over the years from my trips to cricket across the country.
These are all now housed in their own special box and store safely.
For me to go through on cold wet Sunday afternoons in the winter.

Yes I really do that, and go through stats too

Yes I really do, I  am a cricket tragic.

Ohhhhhhh and in case you may have forgotten it is getting closer to my Birthday and I am getting very very excited!!!!!!!!!


however firstly today I have to go to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, shout at boys, drink copious amounts of coffee and look pretty for the next 7 hours and judging by the stateof the orange birdsnest curls that is a challenge in itself!!!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Would you 'Adam and Eve' it

Well blow me down!!!!! I have actually nearly had a full nights sleep.and on top of that, I have woken up nearly ( and I did say nearly) pain free. I had to forego my elbow strapping yesterday,all day and although I was in lots of hurty pain, I carried on. I seem to be about to turn a corner...........................I hope
Lets see how I get on today.

And lets see how  England get on today as they take on have another warm up match today, not that they will be needing to warm up as it is jolly flipping scorchio in Sharjah!!
I cannot find the team yet, I don't think that they are releasing it until 6.30am.

Hope news in the cricket world is the perjury trial of Chris Cairns in London is not goign to be the opening of flood gates to the destruction of other cricketers  credibility.
This really brings the black side of cricket back.
Match fixing, dragging others down with you.
However will the truth come out this time????
Well we will have to wait and see and see how many others are dragged down.

Worcestershire have lost Richard Oliver as he refused to sign a new one year contract. He is now heading 'down under' for the close season and will be hoping to be picked up by another county before the start of next season.
Oliver was the former Shropshire captain, who came into county cricket quite late ( he is only 25 now!!!!), he  was picked up to play in the T20 format in 2014.

Chris Rogers the  one man touring side of cricket, has now signed for Somerset for the 2016 season . He has already played for Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Northants and Middlesex. He really is a Romany cricketer.

Now I am heading off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and have just seen that 3 Yorkies are in the England team. Bairstow, Rashid and Plunkett.


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hurrah!!!! Its the middle of the week

Oh my giddy aunt it is mid week and I am closer to the weekend.

Yesterday saw another trip to see the 'quack' and the news that my Tennis elbow is now tendonitis, which in my book is no different just the same pain and the news that it can take weeks/months to 'fix' did nothing to lighten my mood.

So I am still in considerable pain and looing forward to being this way for weeks to come.
Oh joy!!!!
How on earth am I going to get the last cut of the lawns down, however if the rain continues to lash down as it has the last two nights I may be better off  thinking of building an ark rather than mowing lawns.

So the match in the UAE continued yesterday and Pakistan A and the result was a draw. Mooen Ali took 3 wickets after not being too forthcoming with the bat.

The boys have a day off today and then another two day match  against Pakistan A.

Here in the UK Luke Wright has been named as Captain for Sussex in the forthcoming season.

Ryan ten Doeschate has also renewed his contract with Essex keeping him at the county for another two seasons. I am super glad about this as I have a little soft spot for him. #donttelltheotherryan

I read some disturbing news that Shahadat Hossein the Bangladesh cricketer has turned himself in to the police to face charges of  torturing an 11 year old housemaid.

I am not sure what shocked me more, the fact that a child had been 'tortured/badly treated' or that an 11 year old was employed as a housemaid!!!!!!!
And before I get a backlash of comments re it being a different country and culture, I am just stating my opinion.

I have lots to do today and not a lot of 'get up and go' to push me into doing it, however  what I have done is to sort out some things here at the 'chateau' and reduced some of my bills too.
I also have to go to the bank to sort out why they allowed British Gass to take numerous payments in one month from my bank account.
And then I will be swapping my utilities over.

Yes there seems to be a lot of changes happening behind the scenes here at the chateau and that can only be good thing.

And finally.

It was announced yesterday that Yorkshire have awarded Captain Gale a benefit in 2016. Very well deserved and  I hope to be able to be a little part of it.

It's a short one today, if you have any gossip please do not hesitate to email it to me.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tuesday......thats all

yes it is Tuesday, and if I sound a bit down it is only because I have realised that in less than a week, the old Horsechestnut tree outside the Chateau has started to shed its leaves which means, not only that I will spend the next 6 weekends clearing leaves up, but that I have to finally face the fact that Autumn is here and that winter is just round the corner..................................OOOOHHHH NOOOOO!!!
Well at least there is lots of cricket going on around the world to keep me entertained.

Entertainment is something that is sadly lacking in Super swanky Lady Lainey office as we had to all suffer because Trill Boy was hungover yesterday, and then have nearly an hour of the merits of his mums home made soup, especially with thick bread

Trill boy ' you know those big lumps of bread that haven't been cut already?'.

Lady Lainey  ' Bloomer'

Trill Boy   ' no its a loaf of bread and it hasn't been cut'

 Dear me he really bores me witless with his inane babbling.

Honestly during the cricket season I manage to eavedrop on far more interesting conversations than I get in my office. and from far more intelligent people!!!!

I think that I might be getting old and grumpy!

If only I was in the UAE!

The England boys looked to be doing OK but Ali fell for 22 which straight away had hacks disputing his openng spot.
The man with no lips fell for 19 which was nearly doubkle what I had predicted.

It took 'Yorkland' to steady the ship as Root hit 59 ( retired to let Stokes in to bat who then went for 5), before 'Jonny and Dilly' came in and were on 66 & 51 not out.

Lets see what today holds.

In India there were some very non sportsmanlike scenes as fans threw bottles on to the pitch after South Africa bowled out India for 92.
The match was stopped twice  before South Africa hit 94.

You wouldn't get that at headingley...........................a lot of heckling  but no throwing of bottles.( well you miught be able to get your money back on them)

Its chucking it down outside and I just know that I will looking like a ginger 'Shirley Temple' by the time I get into the office.

Not a pleasant thought.

Monday, 5 October 2015

And it's Monday again

It;s Monday and it's been a full on weekend, good old Black Knight of the Ferrari pulled out all the stops which may explain why I feel so tired this morning, in reality it is because I had very little sleep last night.
it was sort of like my elbows knew that I was tired, that I wanted an early night and that they decided that they were going to inflict lots of hurty pain on me making it impossible to sleep.

Hmmm I need to sort these elbows out this week as I cannot go through another week of this ( although I think that we all know that I will be).

The week ahead seems to be the usual nonsense and to be honest I hope that it will fly by in the hopes that by the end of it I am relatively pain free.

What I do have to look forward to is some crickety type  news as England begin their match against Pakistan A in Sharjah. Yes it is all kicking off in about 15 minutes time.
I cannot find any team news though, so I guessing they are still looking for a hat to pull the names out of!
Spoke too soon it has appeared on my twitter feed,

No place for Plunkett but Root, Bairstow and Rashid are in there. Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire.
My prediciton on the game.

Well I think that England should do well, I think that the man with no lips (Bell) will probably be out for about 10 and that Jonny Bairstow will hit 100-125

Woooo I am beginning to sound like 'Mystic Meg;!!!!!!

I also saw on Twitter that on the 11th October Sky will be showing the last and extended  part of 'Cricketing Yorkshire'. I cannot wait for this, flipping brilliant news!!!! and hopefully all this series will be put out on DVD  and be on sale before Christmas.

It was great viewing for all Yorkshire fans and gave a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

Rightio this is super short, and super boring.

If anyone has some juicy gossip  that they want to share with me for tomorrows blog  just send me an email!!!

Off to crack the whip and try to get through another day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

what to do????

well it was a busy day yesterday after a bit of a fun filled Friday night, which saw Black Knight of the Ferrari making himself a cup of coffee, seeing himself out and posting the keys through the door, I was snoring my orange curly head off in bed, having had one sherry shandy too many!!!

When I got up I set too with the jobs in hand, washing and more washing, and some shopping, and finally getting round to sorting out cheaper phone and broadband as well as negotiating another deal on my Sky contract. yes it was busy busy.
Things I didn't get round to doing included, giving the lawns their last cut and doing some more digging. Tennis elbow is not playing a fair game and I would just like some relief from it so that I can get these little jobs finished.

Jobs are being done still around the counties as Leicestershire part ways with Dan Redfern and Andrea Agathangelou. Both had joined the club in the 2015 season. Agathangelou scored 42 against Essex helping the side to their first championship win in three years!

Ben Foakes has signed a contract keeping him at Surrey until 2018, so lots more of his super big smile next season.

Derbyshire has got Matt Critchley to sign with them for another two years. The 19 year old All Rounder had a good season and became the youngest Derbyshire player to  score a century when he hit 137 Not Out in May.

And tomorrow sees the  start of England against Pakistan A in UAE.

And now???/

Well I am going to do some more washing and then prepare lunch as Janey is coming over...............better get a wriggle on !!!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Review of the season 2015

Could not arrive quickly enough and I was booked and raring to get to my ‘home’ at The Headingley Lodge and watch ‘My Tykes’ take on Leeds Bradford University. The weather was absolutely glorious and I sat outside in the sunshine chatting to anyone who came within chatter distance of me. I was just glad to be at cricket.
The new floodlights looked amazing too.

His Royal Ryanness wasn’t playing as they were resting ‘the old war horse’ ready for the following week when they were taking on Worcestershire at New Road.
Hmmmm no one could have foreseen that the ‘old war horse’ would damage  a fetlock ( well a very serious calf injury to be precise) and would be out of the game for too many weeks for I,Lady Lainey to contemplate. It was all going so wrong so quickly!
But my boys were winning.
We were all saddened by the loss of Ritchie Benaud. He truly was the voice of cricket.


I was invited to have lunch at Lords with the president of Middlesex CCC. yes I was!!!! Only because it is besty friend in the world and former coach Harry Latchman. As I was not  able to get to Lords for my lunch it was agreed  that I would meet him ( and Blossom the lovely First Lady )at Headingley...............wooohooo I was fair cock-a- hoop.
Speculation started that Gillespie the Gallant would be taking the England coaching role..................I was nearly  ready to go and  make a one(wo) man stand at the St Michaels Lane gates!!!! how very dare they try to poach him!!!.
Pauly Paul, Mr Funky the chauffeur and I froze our wotnots off at Chester le St, well not so much me as I had a blanky which I would share with Janey when she came to visit us.

Mr Funky and I went off to Marton to see Yorkshire play, however, all we were able to watch was Gillespie the Gallant being interviewed ( not a bad thing) as  rain put paid to the match. Botheration!!!!!!!

Over at Chester le Street I saw the most amazing catch on my boundary by Big John Hastings, who saved both Lainey and Janey from having their teeth knocked out. what a star and NO ONE caught it on camera.
 I developed a little crush on AB de Villiers!!!!! yes really!!!!
 My laundry habits have become the hot topic on the boundary!!!.
T20 started although the shine has been taken off as His Royal Ryanness was no longer playing short form games. BOOOOOOOHOOOOOO.
26/05/15 it was finally  ( sort of ) announced that  Gillespie the Gallant would not be taking the England job and was staying with My Tykes. Words cannot describe the relief that I felt.(  or the amount of celebrating I did)

 Last Friday of the month saw Durham v Tykes T20, the unveiling of the new Durham Floodlights ( not that impressive ) and a win for them!!!


Saw the arrival of the T20 'Big Guns' as Chris Gayle tipped up for Somerset and Darren Sammy turned out for Notts. What I loved about Sammy was the fact that he was urging Luke Fletcher ( BIG LUKEY) on, something that the 'support' staff at Notts had not been doing of late.

Glenn Maxwell was here for my boys and  the 'Game of Roses' was the 'biggy' for the early part of the  month.

News filtered through that His Royal Ryanness would be back soon. Now that made me smile.
I got to have three days hobnobbing in the posh end of the Carnegie Pavilion at Headingley as I spent the time with Middx CCC El Presidenti and first lady. I had the pleasure of sitting with Dickie Bird for lunch, very entertaining I have to say. Watched  the match all days  from the Presidents Suite, it doesn't get any better than that.

My time with El Presidenti and First Lady was priceless. especially as The First Lady also celebrated her birthday. 
Yorkshire were in fine fettle and knocked Middlesex over in 3 days.Much to my delight.
Dickie told me that who ever won this match would win the County Championship. 
It was only June and already I was getting  'Trophy Fever'.
Went to Pontefract to see besty friends Sam & Simon drank their entire wine cellar and went home. top weekend!!!!! They are going to return the favour soon.

Yeah HRR was back, although in the seconds, but he was back and that was the main thing! 
The Australians arrived and kicked off there training at Merchant Taylors School, yes!, only former place of work and where Middex Presidenti and I first met.

Mr Funky and I went off to the ODI at Chester le St and sat through rain, sunshine, rain and Jonny Bairstow playing the innings of his life and bringing England back from the brink.

Captain Gale and The Lovely Jack Leaning put  on an amazing display of batting against Notts.
And then the Tykes Roadshow trundled into Chester le street.
Jonny Bairstow made it his own and played a blinder of an innings hitting 219!!
Chester le Street seems to be a place that he likes to play!!!


The  Durham v Yorks match continued and the weather was glorious, I however was not too grand and hoping that the hideous cold would not turn to anything worse, I had so far this season managed to avoid the 'heart palpitating, temperature spiking, hospital stay lurgy'. I hoped to get through to September without a night in Darlington Memorial!
I made cakes for my Tykes and they pulled off a blinding win over Durham. ( nothing to do with having cake).

Worcestershire were at Notts and Jack Shantry not only took 5-48 but also took the attention of a certain lady (Fun Soph) away from Notts as she tried to ascertain if the rumours were true ( Commando boy).
I missed  a Yorky match as Dame Did &  I went to Oxford for  the RAF memorial service. In true Robinson/Walker girl fashion the weekend was chaos and ended with me seeing a naked RAF Parachutist in the mini bus next to my car!! I think that I am safer at cricket.
My Tykes  were at Edgbaston and His Royal Ryanness took 6-34 off  12 overs.........................flipping heck that boy was on fire!!!.
By the end of the match he had taken 11 wickets and his First Class wicket haul was creeping nearer to the 700 mark.
I geared up to head off to Headingley to meet up with Sam and Simon for Yorks V Durham T20 action.
Now that was a night I will never forget. Yorks won and we had a lot of lovely food and drink and then went to get the players autographs! A little the worse for wine we happily chatted to The Lovely Jack Leaning, I fell through the gate onto the pitch, Captain Gale was funny, Glenn Maxwell retrieved my hotel key and  managed to embarrass me in the process!!!  Jonny Bairstow was  a real sport.
Yes we are planning to do the whole thing again next season.

Fun Soph came up to Chester le Street  for the Dur v Notts T20 match. Mr Funky the Chauffeur picked us up in the 'Funky bus' and what a brilliant evening we had. Sadly there was no 'Big Lukey' playing. However before we knew it we were dropping Sophie off at her hotel and we were heading back home.

My Tykes lost to Northants in T20 and were having a terrible time in the  short form game.

It was hard to believe that it was August already, My Tykes were playing brilliantly and had not lost a LVCC match.

Pauly Paul, Dynamo Dom and I went up to Chester le Street. My Tykes were there, so it was a going to be a great day for me. I had made them cake but had also pushed the boat out and made Vegan carrot cake for Gillespie the Gallant, . This went down a storm!!!!
 He even made me blush ( which he continued to do next month)!!!
Rain came and eventually it was all called off but my Tykes were triumphant.
And I smiled all the way home! 

Only days later I was on my way to Scarbados and was given 'top brass' tickets for the four days too ( which turned out to be 3). Big thank you for those tickets too!
In all my crickety life I have never had a first day like this one. Tykes bat and top order fold like a paper napkin, even my 'hotel key hero' Glenn Maxwell couldn't rally the troops.And it was a last wicket stand with Little Timmy Bresnan and HRR that got the 1st innings score up to 162.
Durham went in to bat and it all started again  Steve Patterson was on fire HRR took 3 wickets and the day ended with 20 wickets falling.
2nd day Maxwell and Rashid  made a 200+ run stand, OMG this was some match.
3rd day In a nutshell, they bowled Durham out.
I was back in the bath at The Crown Spa in record time.
Ahhh bath, champers what more could a Lady want?
Had a chat with Gillespie the Gallant in the hotel recption next mornng,  just before heading back home earlier, than expected.

Mr Funky and I went off to watch Lashings XI take on some of Durham. HRR was playing for Lashings and looking very fit too, it was a glorious day. A bit of fun and raising money for worthwhile causes. Mr Funky wouldn't let me go and see Pepper Pig though!

A  week later I was back in hobnobbing cricket mode as El Presidenti and First Lady of Middlesex came to Chester le St. I had 4 wonderful days with them and have to say that laughter was in abundance.
El Presidenti even came and sat in the cheap seats and spoke to the 'riff raff'  (Mr Funky and Pauly Paul)

The end of the month came and I headed off to Headingley 
Last day of the month was wet, but I got to lie in bed at The Headingley Lodge watchig Somerset train, that Peter Trego is some drama queen!!!! ( says the Queen of them all)


Yorkshire were taking on Somerset and I was there to see the first day and to have a chat with Gillespie the Gallant. He had agreed to do this for my blog ( which you are obviously reading now). I was so nervous on the way to the pavilion that I thought I was going to be sick.My hands were shaking all the way through our chat.
Gillespie the Gallant answered all my questions and managed to make me blush ( again!) Sadly all the blushing in the world could not convince him to sign Jack Shantry ( looking for replacement eye candy for when HRR eventually retires). 

*News Flash*  The lovely Jack Leaning steps up in preparation, however it will be a good few years before HRR retires!!!!

Went off home,only to do a very quick return on a very hot Sunday for the One Day Cup semi final........................which was not to be a good one for my boys.They lost to Gloucestershire, who I then backed for the final.
And yes they only went and won it............................flipping good on them!
I got on TV though!!

My Boys headed off to Middlesex, I was in talks with El Presidenti regarding  whether or not I could get there for any of the four days. 

First over of the day on Wednesday 9th September, HRR went into over drive, he made his 700th wicket and took 2 further wickets in his first over. My hero!!!!!
El Presidenti text to say that things were not going well for his boys. UNDERSTATEMENT!!!
Mid afternoon, rumours started very quickly to circulate that Notts were close to being bowled out................which meant that 
There was applause going round Lords as the word spread.
It took until Saturday for the boys to get the trophy and get out to really celebrate.
By this time though they had lost the match against Middx their first loss of the season.

Really though, one loss against winning the County Championship......back to  back winning too. That says it all!
They trundled down to Hampshire and I started to pack my bag in readiness for the last match of the season.
Down at Hampshire my boys won again and once again celebrated in full champagne style.
A few days at home and then back at Headingley.
I threw in an extra days holiday so that I could have the last three days of the season in Leeds.
Staying at the Headingley Lodge waking up to the best view in the world

I also got to have another chat with Gillespie the Gallant, who I have to say has been an absolute star answering my very mundane questions ( he must have heard them a million times). 

Well My Tykes beat Sussex and saw them into the 2nd Division and then were re presented with the trophy . Second year running and second year I have been able to see this.
I then went over to Pontefract  and spent the last night of the season with Sam and Simon, we drank to the end of a great 2015 season and to 2016.
Champagne Moment (1)
 Yorkshire being County Champions of course!
Champagne moment ( 2)
Getting to chat to Gillespie the Gallant  not once but twice!
Too much Prosecco moment (s)
Falling through the gate onto the hallowed turf of Headingley after Yorks v Dur T20. Dropping my hotel key much to Glenn Maxwell's amusement ( and rather naughty comment). Jonny Bairstow having to sort out the 'selfie' with Samantha Gosney and myself ( top boy).

It's been the most amazing season and one that I will never forget.
Next stop 2016.................................