Thursday, 29 October 2015

any cricket news today?

I am scanning  everywhere like a crazy Lady Lainey to find some cricket news, because if there isn't any, you will be getting 10 paragraphs on my poorly elbow and my cold.

Oh well here goes, I managed to eat something last night without it making a repeat appearence and my throbbing headache has finally cleared. Now I just have a (still) throbbing elbow, a hacking cough and sore throat.

Still no cricket news....... as you know when you have a cold or flu, they tell you to drink plenty of liquids and get plenty of rest.................biggest oxymoron ever. I have been drinking litres and litres of fluid ( mainly green tea, red bush tea and water) and have had to get up nearly every hour during the night to 'spend a penny'. How the flip are you supposed to get plenty of rest?????

Still no news not even that Shane Warne has had more botox  Estee Lauder products!!........ I went to the hairdressers last night to get my orange curls chopped into some sort of order, and 'Mrs Snips' the hairdresser only said that I was not having anymore orange curls.........................woooooooo there!!! No more orange curls!!!!! How the diddly dooo will anyone recognise the 6ft 3in Glamazon without her orange curls.
We apparently I am going to have copper blonde curls, which Mrs Snips the hairdresser said will be much more flattering and a lot easier to maintain.

Still no cricket news....not even a ' he who must not be named in the blog' story............

...........Got the news of the big Xmas Gut bash this year when we are heading down to former home of I,Lady Lainey, yes we are heading down to London.The office boys  mulled over the menu and tried to figure out what  'Valrhona' was as well as ' Vacherin'. ' I think they are the same thing' said 'Thickest Boy'
 Well that should make for an interesting lunch as he has no idea what they are. for me its heaven,my  two favourite things, chocolate and cheese!!!

Well now whats this I hear????!!!!!!

His Royal Ryanness gets a contract with  'Head and Shoulders'?

Gillespie the Gallant was approached by 'Just for Men' but turned it down.

Lady Lainey has just made up the above.

Well it's been a slow Thursday.

Hopefully F(ryan)day is more fruitful.

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