Friday, 16 October 2015

Hurray it's F(ryan)day

Oh thank goodness it is F(ryan)day ( any excuse for a picture of His Royal Ryanness), and it is 7 working hours away from the weekend...........................I am super flipping bouncy excited, although I am not sure that on Monday I will be feeling the same.
I am doing my 'best friend good deed' this weekend and moving in to the house of besty friend Christine to look after the Royal Hounds, you just know that this is not going to be the most relaxing weekend ever. Imagine I,Lady Lainey trying to take out the 'beasts; for walkies especially with tennis elbow/tendonitis.

I think that they will be doing laps of the garden whilst I recline in the conservatory. Bedtime will be a case of who gets in first, and once a German Shepherd, Doberman and lurcher get in I doubt that there will be much room for me. Last time I stayed I woke up thinking that I was paralyzed until I saw the 9st Leo laid on my legs.

Yes it is going to be fun and games.

Well fun and games it wasn't for Alistair Cook yesteday as he batted all day in the Abu Dhabi heat to hit a magnificent unbeaten 168.
The man with no lips  made his innings so dull that watching paint dry really was a viable option.
At stumps Enlgand  were 290-3 after losing their nightwatchman Mark Wood before the close of play.
At least there were some supporters there yesterday as in day 1  the ground was empty.

I spoke  to my Globe trotting friend Rob who is currently living in the UAE after being in Singapore and Hong Kong. He works very close to the cricket ground over seeing the building of the new airport in Abu Dhabi.

  Anyhooo around the counties things are still in motion as Surrey sign Mark Footitt from Derbyshire and  over in besty home county in the south Hampshire, James Vince signed a new contract and also took on the Captains mantle, or wahtever they do in cricket !!???
take over the captains bat???.

step into the Captains jockstrap???
Take on  the captains box????

Well whatever,good luck to Vincey.

The Chris Cairns trial is underway and I fear we have only scuffed the side of the preverbial cricket ball.
I fear that this may be a trial that we don't want to hear about but cannot wait to find out the next installment.

Well time and weekend wait for no Lady so I am off to do my thing and hopefully it will soon be 4,30pm and I can go home to three large dogs all wanting to be loved.

Wish me luck!!!

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