Saturday, 10 October 2015

Let 'le Weekend'begin

Yeah!!! It's the weekend and already I am up and dressed and raring to go, which is typical  because as the mornings are getting darker ( and soon to be darker still), during my working week I am finding it harder and harder to get myself out of my bed..
Today however I have a lot of things that I need to do and need to start out quite early.
Firstly I am heading over to see Countess Christine and the Royal Hounds, once that is done I am heading to the township of Lady Laineyville and then home to do washing, lawn mowing, and general tidying up.

Once all that is done, you will find me reclining on the chaise longue eating grapes and watching rubbish TV.

Now yesterday saw more strange crickety type news as it was announced that Danny Briggs was joining Sussex on a three year contract after Hampshire agreed to release him.

why would you go for a Div 1 side to a Div 2 side???
He says he is exciting about the future.

All a bit strange in my eyes, but hey I am no expert.

England finished their warm up matches with all hacks seeing Steve Finn as the saviour of the team, ahhhh come on, we all know that it will end in tears and they will be on his back instantly when he does not deliver in a test.



Yesterday saw I,Lady Lainey having a little rant in Super Swanky office before settling down with my book in my office and gulping down lots of coffee, and then having a 'lightbulb' moment.
By the time I was home I had got everything in order and was jolly pleased with myself. What exactly am I doing?
Well all will be revealed at the end of next month, and believe me you will all be super shocked by it.
Intriguing????Mysterious?????? well yes but I have a few more phone calls,emails and direct messages to make to confirm that everything is in order and then I can reveal a matter of speaking.

I also saw yesterday that the lovely Rob from Flicx Pitches, who made the wicket for my 'Little Men' is going sober for October. if you would like to help him reach his total then this is the link to use

and thank you in advance.

Oh well this is not getting the washing done, or the lawns mown or the visiting done, so I am offfffffffff to do everything thing morning and then relax this afternoon.

Have a super Saturday.

A tout a l'heure 

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