Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My Big Challenge

So  today my blog is all (well almost all) about me!!!!

I, Lady Lainey have taken the unbelievable decision to do 'Dry January'..................and yes I know that you are all thinking why am I talking about it at the beginning of November.
Well there are a few reasons,

1. Making it public means that I cannot go back on it ( you all know how partial I am to champers and Chateauneuf du Pape and Mountgay and Cockspur rum....). Yes I think that you get the idea

2. It means that by posting now and putting the details of my giving page you will have no reason not to donate, unlike in January when the main moan is 'No money until pay day due to Christmas'

3. I am supporting two amazing charities, both of which are very important to me.

So which charities am I passionate about and why?

Yorkshire Cancer Research

Do what it says on the tin, and some!!!!!.
Anyone who was at Internationals at Headingley, home matches for Yorkshire and the Scarborough Festival would have been aware  of the 'Turquoise T-shirted'  friendly folk who were dishing out suntan lotion, as well as advice and UV bands. Clever bands that changed colour with the strength of the sun.

The charity is also there to make sure that every person in Yorkshire leads a full and healthy life, whilst supporting those that are fighting cancer.
Working in partnership with research scientists and clinicians, the NHS and other charities , they aim to make life changing improvements to cancer outcomes in Yorkshire.

What other reason do I need to support such a great charity? 
For more information have a look at their website

Cricket without Boundaries

This is a fantastic charity  teaching children in Africa to play cricket and also teach adults to coach, so as to keep the momentum going.
They link the game to HIV/AIDS awareness and incorporate their message into their coaching sessions.
They are also highlighting problems affecting young girls, from early and enforced marriage to FGM ( female genital mutilation).
This is all done through volunteers who give time and a lot of effort to help to bring these messages to the children and adults, using the  wonderful game of cricket. (nutshell version)

For more information about this charity check out their website

And how much do I hope to raise??

Well I really have no idea, I just know that every penny donated will be used to further two great causes.

And what about me?

Well I may well be a grumpy Lady Lainey in January but I think that I will be a lot healthier both bodily and financially, which means that I can contribute to the charities too. it's a win/win situation.

So if you are wondering if you should have a latte and a pastry this morning, why not fore-go and just donate a little bit of that money to these wonderful charities. 
I  for one will be very grateful and will know that my upcoming abstinence is well worth it.

It also means that the men that empty my recycling bin  will not be suffering as many back problems in January!!!

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Thank you. 

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