Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday Funday?

I wish!!! Sunday is in actual fact going to be full on busy hence  being up at stupid o'clock doing the blog.

It as a full on busy day yesterday with the church fair and also meeting  a chum from school who I haven't seen since I left 6th form ( that would be 3 years ago). We had a good old catch up and have agreed to meet up soon.

Today I have besty friend Francesca coming for lunch and then I am helping to clear my aunts house. I guess that I will be pretty tired tomorrow as I head of back to the office!.

The cricket world is still talking about Jos Buttler and I fear that he is going to become a victim of his own success. And you know that I am telling the truth.

The next  stop for the England team are a string of T20's which go on until the end of the month. And then we are into December and the boys are off to South Africa when I will be having a tough time knowing who to cheer for. After all I cannot just 'drop' Abraham Benjamin now can I?

I do know that I will be watching it all with great interest.

Now I have to scoot off to the kitchen and whip up some dhal for lunch and make another batch of xmas cake.

The last one has mysterious disappeared  ( Dame Didi).

So short one today but I will be back tomorrow without a doubt!

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