Sunday, 20 December 2015

Busy day ahead

I am back in the land of the sober  and feeling a lot better than this time yesterday, that may also have been due to having woken up at 3am and having a conversation on 'Whatsapp' which actually lasted right through until I went to bed at 9.30pm.

very good fun and brilliant to be dragged out of  the depths of a hangover.

I listened to an interview about cricket being brought to Rwanda after former exiles of the mass genocide, returned to their home country and took cricket with them. As with the charity 'cricket without boundaries',  it is great to see the game used to help children to cope and move forward with their lives, which may have been blighted by military or medical factors.
In Rwanda they are now building  what they hope will be an international cricket stadium and hoping to be able to encourage teams to visit..

You see the healing power of cricket.

England started their 2nd warm up match, they won the toss and elected to bowl. can't find a score anywhere.
But lots on BBL, which for me takes off again tomorrow when the Strikers are in action again, this time the lovely Michael Carberry is part of the opposing team. lovely smile that boy has.That aside, I am hoping ( in the most unsportsmanlike way) that he doesn't get a lot of runs.

As part of my mammoth 'whatsapp' conversation yesterday we were discussing 'negativity'. I commented on how a lot of woman were very negative about themselves  because they always are striving to look and be told that they look younger than they are. My question was why can't woman accept their age and how they look.
The answer to that lies ( as Fun Soph & I tweeted later)  in the fact that we are bombarded with 'photoshopped' models and botoxed and lifting celebrities at every turn.
This is in turn causing children to have a negative view about how they look ( and act).
The desire to be beautiful has always been around as have the changing view on beauty.
But to be honest is a motionless face and lips that look as if they have been blown up by a bicycle pump really beautiful.

Like wise if you are in your 40's embrace it, you certainly are not going to see 30 again ( even if you still feel and act as if you are 18)

Surely being a kind and compassionate person who is caring and giving far outweighs  a 'plastic' face.

Wow that sort of turned into a moralistic rant!!!

So I am now off to put on some 'slap' and head to the shops. And when I say 'slap' I will be lucky if I even can be bothered with 'lippy'.

Until tomorrow

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