Friday, 4 December 2015

It's F(ryan)day again

Yeah!!!! it is F (ryan)day and I have already had the dishwasher on and some washing done,I intend to get lots done today as I have a busy weekend.

Yesterday was quiet in the office as boys tried to get on with work, well one of them did whilst the other two messed around.
The mystery of my broken office chair continues. After less then 24 hours in the office and my poor chair being left alone with Trill Boy and Pony Paul, it 'suddenly' developed a broken caster.
An engineer is coming out to sort out the damage!.

As we are very short on cricket news I did a bit of scanning around.........................and wished that I hadn't. yes all papers must be short on crickety news as they are only running an interview with Monty Panesar!!!!!
Ah yes he is striving to become equally disliked on these pages as 'he who must not be named in the blog'.

He has claimed that bouts of paranoia led to him wanting to give up cricket! Well that and the fact that he was going off the rails as certain nightclub bouncers will tell you.
He also says that he is aiming to get back into the England team...............................what is wrong with theses men.
KP gets sacked but was 'still striving to get back into the team', Jonathan Trott was very unwell suffering from depression etc, but still could only think of getting back into the England team and look how long that lasted!!!

Now Monty says he wants to come back, well hell, lets resurrect Mike Atherton, I always rated him or better still lets get His Royal Ryanness back for a  few overs.

I personally think that Panesar is a has been and as such should just expect to let goo of any aspirations.

Harsh????? yes but true.

I also sorted out the last date in my Season 2016 diary and am now getting very excited about the season.

Lots to do before it starts though so best thing would be to try to use all the weekends between now and April to get all my jobs done.

Right off to do the shouty thing.

See you tomorrow

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