Wednesday, 2 December 2015

What is normal?

What is normal??

With my family I have no idea, Dame Didi and I cannot go anywhere without  'something' bizarre happening and I have even passed this on to besty friends Sam & Simon Gosney ( see blog dated 11/7/15).
I also have little out of the norm experiences when I am on my own ( The canadian rugby players at Headingley springs to mind!).

Yes I strive to go through my life as quietly as possible.........................but fail miserably.

So yesterday was the funeral of my aunt. We all tip up in the pouring rain feeling very sad. Go into church and sit listening to the Vicar giving a wonderful eulogy. mentioning my Aunt by name about 10 times in the first 10 minutes.
At the back of the church there was a bit of noise which then got louder and louder until eventually 3 rows of people stood up, and apologised as they were in the wrong funeral!!!!!

We were all sitting there looking at each other and trying very hard not to laugh!

You see even in death our family still does not do things the normal way!!!!!

It was such a busy day that I had even missed that the fixtures will be released at 9am today,  I will get onto this  and get sorted out with hotels.

Yorkshire do however start the season with Hampshire at Headingley, I think I might have a trip to see that, you cant beat a bit of Carberry. it starts 17th april so could be freezing but hey its cricket so who cares.

I have a busy day at work today catching up with all things form yesterday after I left the office.

so with that in mind I am off to do my thing and probably throw a nap in for good measure! I will need it after sorting out the date of my cricket holibobs next year.................................

Hard to believe that we are already in December and  closer to 2016.

have a great day.

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