Monday, 23 May 2016

Hello Monday

Hello Monday! How did you get here so quickly???

Yes the weekend is over and gone in a flurry of  some cricket,washing, housework and of course socialising!

and now it is back to work, well for me it is, 'my  Yorky boys' are still on R & R although this week they have a couple of 'friendlies' lined up to keep their hand in.
they are at Harrogate on Wednesday evening and Pudsey on Thursday, before they start their T20  campaign on Friday evening.

I checked the Yorks CCC website this morning ( as I do every morning) and still no word on His Royal Ryanness!!! or Little Timmy Bresnan for that matter. I am starting to get my worried head on, I am not a great believer in 'no news is good news'!!!!

There was 'other' cricket on yesterday and I have to say that I am having to back some 'other' teams to win. this is something that is leaving  me feeling a 'tad grubby', however needs must!

I am hoping that Surrey beat Lancashire and that Durham beat  Warwickshire or at least draw.

However Surrey were all out for 191 runs on the first day of play and Lancashire were 10-0 over night. I am thinking that they need to pull some rabbits out of the hat!

Warwickshire were 273-8 despite a valiant bowling attack by Durham.

I will be watching Twitter intently today to see what happens.

I am also spending the next few days packing up all the junk treasure that I have sold on ebay. My house should be nearly empty....................but sadly I am a long way from  seeing the dressing room carpet again!.
( Note to not buy stuff with money made on ebay!).

I see a trip to Laura Ashley today to buy the wallpaper that I have been mulling over for several months, and then at some point I have to manage to decorate too!

Ah you see it is never ending, I always promise myself that I will do all the work in the winter, when in actual fact all I do is semi hibernate.

After I had dragged myself out of bed this morning to get my first cup of coffee I open the kitchen blind and spent 10 minutes watching  the 'blackbird family' in the garden, with their little 'chubster' of a baby. They were demolishing the remnant of last nights nut roast. their baby seemed to be enjoying it.
Simple things some people might say,

Well time to head off down the A1 and see what delights this week hold for me, yes 4 simple 'office' 'things!!!..............................

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