Saturday, 21 May 2016

Saturday chores

It's Saturday and its a busy morning ahead before I  settle down with my cup of French ground coffee, put my feet up and am transported to Headingley.

However a good 3 hours to do all the jobs that need doing before then.

Lets recap though,


At the Test!

It was all going off.
11am start and Jonny and Alex took their places, all going along smoothly.

I decided to head over to Sainburys in my lunch hour and pick up some things for dinner. And I had no sooner walked through the door when Alex was bowled out for 86. 
Jonny is still at the crease as Mooen comes in.................and goes for a duck. 
By this time I had my head stuck in the freezer section trying to listen to TMS and remember what I needed to buy.

In comes Broad hits 2 and off he goes.
I am now in the Baking Aisle and starting to panic, was Jonny going to run out of partners before he got his century.
Luckily the much mentioned in this blog, Steve Finn ( who, I have recently learned is a huge fan of my cuz, Right Royal Hooligan Robbo!) saw him to his century.
I was by this time in the bakery aisle and promptly burst into tears!.
Who would have thought that picking up some Warburtons crumpets could reduce a Lady to tears!!!!?????

Finn put on 17 runs and Jonny finished on 140.
I finished up a wreck and got back to the office with 'panda eyes'.

However it didn't end there!

Sri Lanka came out for their 1st  innings and were all out and back in again before I had even pulled the Lady lainey limo onto the drive of the chateau.

Jonny took 5 catches and is now only one of 10 wicketkeepers to score a century and take 5 catches in a test, and its not over yet.

The bad news is that it is raining here at the chateau and I am hoping that it isn't at Headingley.

well best go and get the washing on, the housework done, and nip to the post office, I think it could be an exciting day.........................and I could have been there having been offered tickets, but I have plans for this evening that I couldn't break so I will be watching from the chaise longue!

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