Friday, 3 June 2016


Ah yes the best day of the working week, the last one!

I am trying to sort out my desk so that on Monday I have a clean slate, however that is easier said than done.

Boys!!! Who'd work with them?

So we had T20 action last night as 'my boys' were down in Worcester.........................David Willey might have been back but only batting and sadly that was not up to scratch. Captain Lees hit 46, but it took a spirited partnership by  Plunkett and Bresnan to get the runs racking up.

Worcestershire were without the lovely Jack Shantry who tipped up in the commentary box on Sky, which caused a bit of 'Twitter snap' between Sophie and I as we were firing tweets back and forth  to each other!.

sadly for us 'loyal' Yorkshire supporters the boys were out played.

ah and then Twitter lit up with the 'armchair cricketers' and 'keyboard warriors.'

yes everyone had  the answer to Yorkshires T20 woes........

from not playing youngsters ( how the chuffing hell are they ever to get experience) to club finances being the reason for the loss.


1. There was a mix up of youth and experience in the team
2. We have not done well in T20 since Gillepie the gallant was in his first season, FACT!
3. In the last 4 seasons we have gone from Div 2 to County Champions ........TWICE!
4. We are not too great at T20 but we are a great team.

And when people say that the club will 'sit up and think' when the numbers on the gates at T20's fall, well you have to wonder about their devotion to the club and also how that is going to make the team win??????!!!!

I would go to every home T20 if it was feasible..............whether they won or not.

T20 is a money spinner for clubs , short time in the ground maximum spend by spectators,especially on Friday evenings when it is  a great night out. It is not however my preferred form of the game. but win or lose I would still cheer my boys on!

Support the club!!!!!, there is no need for a public post mortem on Twitter, do you not think that this is going on in the dressing room????

The vast majority ( if not all) of the moaners do not have the wealth of experience that the support staff have, regardless of how many years of club cricket they have played. It's not the same!!!

well so much for taking myself out of stressful situations...............................

I am sure my blood pressure has not returned to normal.

So I am off to have a lie down before heading down the A1 to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office can be sure that my blood pressure will be sky high by the time I get there!

Oh yes and we are in action against Lancashire tonight when it is rumoured that we have Joe Root & Jonny Bairstow back.

well that should keep the moaners happy.

Happy F(ryan)day!

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