Saturday, 11 June 2016

how do you read yours?

 Welcome to the weekend!!!

All is well here at The Chateau and by well, I mean the washing is on and the dishwasher is doing it's thing, Normal service has resumed!

Now yesterday I was made aware of something that I hadn't taken into account, how, where and when my blog is read.

well the lovely Dan, who I wave to every time I pass his gaff on the A1 ( RAF boy so top boy in my books as we have RAF in our family, and Dan if you are interested scroll down and find the blog for 5th & 6th of July last year it will explain all).

 Dan reads the blog everyday when he is having his weetabix. I have to say it is better than watching Piers Moron ( no not a typo!)on the TV!

Dave reads the blog on his walk from the car park to the office and gets jolly cross if its not posted by 6.55am ( no pressure then). I have to say that obviously it is the weekend so it is slightly late this morning

Dame Didi, my sister reads it in the lounge laughing loudly and scaring the postman.

Anthony reads it whilst waiting for his ( usually) delayed Easy Jet flights and also likes them to be posted early

This week Sophie is reading it in Spain, I know this as it show me on a map.

So how do you read the blog?

I am hoping that Mark,The chauffeur of my .Yorkshire boys does not read it whilst driving ( of course he doesn't).

You see you learn something new everyday

And now for some chuffing good news, My boys got a point in the T20 last night, they are off the mark................however they didn't play as it was chucking it down at Birmingham!
Not that I care, we are up and running, Teeny Weeny Kiwi, Kane Williamson is back and I am smiling again.

Notts suffered the same fate as  rain lashed down at Trent Bridge, so Sky showed the 2006  T20 final between Notts and Leics. Ah yes there was ' me old mate' AA Jones ( Jonah) umpiring. Paul Nixon being vocal behind the stumps for Leicestershire and some very dodgy hairstyles!!!
Great viewing though.

And then there was England v Sri lanka.........................

My boy Jonny B failed to get his double century as he ran out of partners. England finished 416 all out.
Sri Lanka were motoring away and were 162-1 at stumps.

All going off at 11am today.

and now it is time to throw myself in the shower and get myself sorted.

Bon weekend.

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