Saturday, 25 June 2016

keeping busy

And Saturday begins with the sound of the washing machine, the dishwasher and me banging away on the keyboard.

I  have managed to get  a bit done and very shortly I am off to the tip to get rid of garden waste, before I drop off bags at the charity shop. Yes it's all go here and I  intend to get as many jobs done as possible, including getting rid of 'stuff' by putting it on ebay ( again).

so how much did I get done last night.................................

chuffing none of it because I headed to Chester le street with my trusty sidekick 'Dynamo  Dom' yes we were sitting on different sides of the fence but had a flipping good chortle along  the way!

The weather was looking OK apart from some tiny drops of rain that were falling, we were on the look out for 'Chester the Lion' who always makes me laugh, he appeared to have taken a shine to a lady sitting near us he was after her phone number judging by the signs he was making.

We settled down to watch 'my boys' go into bat................................the children sitting behind  us with the 'bangy things' became more annoying by the minute.

Lyth went very quickly, closely followed by teeny tiny kiwi Kane, and it took Alex Lees and then TLJL to steady the ship.
TLJL was heading towards his half century, I was  biting my nails, and then on 48 he was gone! The sound of my sobs echoing around the ground!

Short of their 20 overs my boys were all out for 134.

Jane popped over for a quick chat and that cheeky monkey, Alan ( besty sushi pal) was telling everyone on twitter that 'momma Bairstow' was in the ground, with a hazy shot of moi!

The sky was taking on a strange colour , dark blue/black  and it was not looking too promising. Durham went into bat and were 68-3 when we all got pelted by hail stones!!
We ran for cover and then met up with Dan and Rick, who had come up from Leeming and Leeds respectively.

Much chatter ensued and the rain came and went but the match was eventually called off.

And yes, the  'Jack and Vera' came into action. being a Friday night the equation to find the winner of the match was, how many pints Jack had in the Rovers at lunch and up to 7pm, divided by how many rollers Vera had put in her hair over at the salon. added to the square root of  how many 'barm cakes' were sold in  'Roys Rolls' between 12 & 1pm.

Sadly the result was that Durham won by 6 runs using the D/L method

A big thank you to Dom for keeping me company, to Dan for giving me a stern 'talking to' the other day and pulling me out of my 'Yorkshire grump', and to Rick who despite being on a stag do, came down to meet up with us.

A great evening even if the result was not the one I wanted.

And no one can say that the boys didn't try.

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