Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Midweek and lots to do .

Well it is Wednesday and I have a list as long as my legs to do before I head off on my holibobs to Scarbados on Saturday.

I have now sort of recovered from having my eyebrows 'threaded' although I do have a bald patch from sneezing mid 'thread' and the girl ripping out a chunk of eyebrow, ah well a bit of pencil should fill that in and I don't mean an 8B either, although looking at some of the woman walking round at the moment it looks as if they have  used this instead  of something from Rimmel!

News came through yesterday morning that TLJL had injured his ankle the previous day and was being assessed!
What is going on with my  boys? at this rate I will be packing my kit bag for the weekend and padding up  on Sunday!
Hope Middx don't lose a bowler and call in El Presidenti, I have faced him in the nets before! the bruise on my thigh looked as if the ball was embedded under the skin, having taken on a dark red/ purple hue, complete with seam marks!!!

I have now nearly bitten my nails to the quick and waiting on  news from HQ.

I tell you, I am applying for the job of Yorkshire Nurse/Matron.

A few dabs of the 'magic sponge' would get those boys back on the field.
Yep I am sending off my CV as we speak!
Since the disappointment of waking up to realise that the job I was starting as 'Supporter Liaison was just a dream, I am hoping that the needs of a 'matron; on board with the team will be taken up very quickly with Yorkshire. Well it kept 'public schoolboy' in check for years so I am sure that it is a viable position.

I am sure that you realise that all this waffling means that I cannot find a shred of interesting cricket news  i.e Yorkshire, and I am just trying to fill the page!

There is the ODI today which will start after lunch so I can tune in  on't wireless and drown out the wails of the office boys singing.

News on my friends, friend who is in the about to be released  'Ab Fab film, all outfits sorted but not without drama, as he turned up distraught that his partner would not allow him to buy a kitten (one of those bald things and not your average moggy). It proved hard to get the whole ensembles put together, due to tears and tantrums, because in those immortal  words, ' his heart wasn't in his feather'

Ahh if only my life was that complicated!

Until tomorrow

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