Saturday, 4 June 2016

More sad news

And so this morning I wake up to the sad news that Mohamed Ali has sadly passed away.
A great man and a great loss to the world of sport.


What is sport?

Well there are several definitions and believe me the one that means ' a good sort' does not apply to some of the so called Yorkshire supporters.

My boys suffered another T20 loss last night at the hands of arch rivals Lancashire.
After the events of Thursday night when Twitter was ablaze with comments on the youth side of the team. Last night we fielded some top flight in the shape of Little Joey Root and Jonny 'give it 'ere" Bairstow.

A match winning squad it wasn't. Jonny was given out unfairly but left the field smiling. Joey tried in vain to catch up runs and fell sort of both  a win and a century.

However I now believe that these boys  were made for  endurence and  the circus that is T20 is not for them.
And yes I know they should be able to play all forms but sadly they are not the masters of it.

I personally think with bigger fish to fry and the need to get the bowling sidd back to strength, that being scathing of them is not the way forward.

They need full support not being torn to shreds on social media.

Give them a chance. We are the County Champions not T20.

Ok sorry if this is full of typos but my wifi has 'fallen off' and I am trying to do this on my phone!!!!

Not easy!!!!!

And weekend plans for I, Lady Lainey?

Well the washing is in.
Carpets are going to be steamed
Digging is going to get done
And napping will be taking place.
Then tonight its telephone catch up time with Dame Didi and besty chum Shazzer.
And there may be some wine involved!!!!

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ricky said...

The 20 twenty isn't over yet but we can't get a batting & bowling performance to come together it's either one or the other, last night we scored 170 plus that's a good score in t 20 but chasing 200 it's a big ask
To be honest I prefer to be county champs than t 20 champs
Have a good weekend