Thursday, 2 June 2016

Taking a step back for a while

Well I think I have reached maximum burnout, I am tired, ( more tired than normal), I cannot face the office ( more than normal) and I am not sure what to do with myself next ( sell house and disappear home to France seems like a good idea at the moment).

So I am taking myself out of all situations that are stressing me.

Sadly I cannot take myself out the office situation ( need pennies for new tiaras which are very spendy) but all else will get along fine without me.

Its like I paid the money for the carousel  and  as it started I found I had got on the Big Dipper!!!.

I just need some time to sit in the corner and lick my wounds, recharge my batteries and give my flipping head a shake!

Right enough of that !!!

Back to the important things!

Like cricket
So what happened on the last day of the 'War of the Roses'?

Well the weather was looking to play havoc for my boys, but hey bringing on the spinners was a good plan and Lancs were not fairing too well before lunch.

Amazing bowling from Adil Rahid too, taking 7 wickets in the match. and runs galore 88 & 34

Good old Little Timmy Bresnan, first proper match back and making his presence felt. with a 4 wicket haul and knocks of  69 & 29

Lancs all out for 173 and Yorks seeing the first Roses home win since 2001
also joint top of the table!

now that was cause to break a smile!

The boys then got on the bus and Mark drove them down to Worcestershire. Commando boy country!

Middlesex won against Hampshire in the wonderful grounds of Merchant Taylors school. I have yet to speak to El Presidenti, but know that a lot of our former colleagues had tipped up to see him and the team.

Last night saw Notts at Chester le Street against Durham, I was going to go along and do some 'proxy' stalking cheering for 'Big' Lukey Fletcher but it was cold and I was not feeling up to par so stayed home and watched Sussex stuff Somerset. ( technical cricket term)

Tonight 'my boys' are in T20 action  and its on Sky so that will mean only one thing, DO NOT phone me, I will not be taking calls.

And now I am off to get myself into some kind of mood to go to work.......................... the thought of diving back under the duvet and putting the electric blanket on is far too appealing!

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