Thursday, 30 June 2016

the one where I wave bye to my friend (again)

I have a bit of a 'thumpy' head this morning as I had a tad too much champers last night ( yes on a school night too).

BKOTF ( black knight of the Ferrari) tipped up with the most amazing vegan food ( which he had his former chef of the bar/bistro he used to own, whip up). It was amazing and washed down with a bottle of Perrier Jouet ( non vintage!!! skinflint!!).
In case you are interested we had,

Mixed hors d'oeuvres ( olives, marinated artichokes, stuffed vine leaves and mini veg kebabs)

Gilled Mediterranean with bean mash and harissa cous cous

Coconut cashew rice  pudding

I have to say that it was flipping lovely and a very thoughtful idea.

And today he is packing the remainder of his necessities as he heads off to the Caribbean for......................well for as long as he wants really.

He still won't leave me the car though!!!

But back to yesterday, rain played havoc all over the place

The match at Headingley, between Yorks and Pakistan A was called off, the match at Marton was called off and there was rain at the  ODI , it had jolly well better stop before the weekend or I could be chuffing cross!

And talking ODI this is what happened.
Sri lanka hit 305-5 in 42 overs
rain affected play and the D/L ( you know the equation by now) came into force.

England took to the crease with Jason Roy hitting  162 the second highest score by an English batsman in an ODI.
Joe Root found his form and hit 65 and Jonny B was on an unbeaten  29 when they won the match and the series.
Well done those boys.

Tonight I am boarding the 'Funky bus' as Mr Funky the chauffeur and I head off to Chester le Street to see Durham take on the Worcestershire Wonder Boys  in a T20 match.

I know that the chances of seeing Commndo boy  are as slim as the chances of him wearing any undies,but he might be 'water boy' so worth a look out.

My Yorkshire boys are not in action until tomorrow when it is 'The Roses' match. Oh to be on the  Western Terrace!

Right off to the office and do some work...........................yes I am actually doing something other than shouting at boys, filing my nails and looking pretty!

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