Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Weekend plans now set in stone

So the weekend plans are now set in stone as it gets nearer to meeting up  with El Presidenti and First Lady of Middlesex ( POM & FLOM).  thoughts are now turning to getting the  suitcase packed. Oh my  goodness I may have to take a days holiday to sort that out!

There are however a few days before I have to think about that and I also have some other plans afoot! Hopefully there will be some good news for me in a day  or two. It's all going on.

And was it all going on at Headingley yesterday?

Well  Azeem Rafiq seemed to be showing why he had signed a new contract with Yorkshire as he took 3 wickets, Pakistan A were 95 runs ahead at close of play.

However the' big boys' outing to Sheffield for a T20 friendly has been cancelled due to the  weather conditions making the pitch not really good enough to play. The match has been rescheduled for next season.

Tomorrow evening they are at Marton Cricket Club, former recipient of my cricket teas.
Good luck over there.

Last night saw some very busy knitting  activity here at the chateau as I was finishing off a couple of orders that needed to be dispatched this week.

And then I watched the final episode for this season  of  Game of Thrones.....................well now 10 month wait to see how that all pans out!

Yesterday was a mahooosively busy day in the office and a slow day in all other parts.

Today I am awaiting two phone calls and also need to do some shopping in advance of the weekend.

Sorry its a short and boring one today, I tell you if there is no significant crickety news soon I will have to resort to making it up!

Thought for the day,

' You can;t please all the people, all the time.

So just please yourself'

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