Tuesday, 21 June 2016

When you have to admit you made a HUGE mistake

So BKOTF ( Black Knight of the Ferrari) tipped up again last night as he had spent all day sleeping and  still not been shopping.

He had nut roast with assorted veg.

And then we sat down to a heart to heart.
We have both made some shocking mistakes in our lives and both been shattered by the outcome.
He said he has sworn off women  now and will just be happy to continue to expand his business and jolly around the globe.

I said that I truly did not understand men ( including him) and probably would be better suited to give them a wide berth, that way I would never again feel as if I had been  trampled on ( as I do at the moment).
And I too would  expand my company, OK Cricknits is not really a company but I can turn into a batty old spinster, churning out 'cable knit' things.

And I can jolly off home to France when Dame Didi goes back.
Not quite his standard but fine for me.

I also told him to go to Tesco on the way home as I wasn't feeding him for the rest of the week ( and then packed him off with cous cous salad and chick pea burgers)

He gave me a huge hug, and said  I was the best friend in the world.......................................no doubt this is so he can eat here for the rest of this week!!!

And in the crickety world,

Yorkshire were at The Riverside Ground for the start of their 4 day County Championship match against Durham.

Well the weather was not looking great early doors and after coming off for rain, they got through the rest of the day.
Yorkshire were looking more like champions as they saw Durham off for 172, with Steve Patterson's bowling figured of 6-56.
Steve seems to have come to the fore in the absence of his Royal Ryanness, and although dubbed 'boring', his bowling showed he is anything but.

Yorkshire went in to bat and at stumps were 129-4?????????????

They were not batting like champions!!!

Lets see what today holds!

I will leave you with my thought for the day.

'If you are looking for that one person to change your life,

Look in the mirror'

a tout a l'heure

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