Tuesday, 26 July 2016

And so.........

another day, another win! this time with rather a lot of help from a 'Yorkland' boy!
yes England beat Pakistan by 330 runs.

much has been made about Captain Cook not making Pakistan follow on, It did however provide us with an other chance to see a very inform Joe Root bat again.

It also brings up questions about  fitness. Ben Stokes was brought back into the team after being declared fit after a knee op and then was taken off the field yesterday with a calf problem which will be scanned today.
Is the 'need' to regain' a place in the England team worth breaking your body even more?
He appears to now be developing 'Broaditis' and being a constant injury worry.
Maybe the rest of the season out of the game would be the best medicine.

A great result from the team and it evens up the matches.

Today we have more One day Cup action, nothing for me to get too excited about, although I will be cheering on Middlesex as they venture down to Taunton, especially as it is the birthday of El Presidenti, Harry Latchman. so I think that a win is in order!!!

Another birthday boy today is  Pauly Paul who will be snoozing in bed as I am typing this.
Have a great birthday Paul.

I finally had a response from Durham re the 'incident'  with the receptionist at the T20.
They are very sorry, and the receptionist, who has been employed by the club for many years,  is very upset that she came across in that manner, it was not intended and not her usual manner!!!!!
 I should chuffing well hope not!!!
Well she is not the only one who has been upset by the incident.

The letter did nothing but absolve themselves from any blame, as I expected.
Obviously my fault for trying to do a good deed...............mid season..............when she didn't have her box!

I would also suggest that you check your printer as the letter was nearly illegible right down the middle.Making it appear unprofessional......................well I think that says it all really.

So endeth a very long term relationship.

And now I am off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office and all the joy that it holds.
Until tomorrow

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