Saturday, 30 July 2016

It just gets better!

So I hot footed it home from work, had a chat with a workman and settled myself down with a glass of Chenin Blanc to watch 'my boys' take on Northants for the 2nd F(ryan)day running.

I hadn't even had time to open my Twiglets before Lyth was heading back to the 'dugout'! I quickly topped my glass up as I felt that I might need it.

I managed to get some twiglets down my neck before Willey went too!

Oh dear, quick top up!

Did a bit of knitting and then Travis Head up needed.

Then TLJL came out. Ahhh no drinking allowed during his batting!

As I have  said before after his injury scare last month I am sure that they have turned him into 'Steve Austin'!

He was hitting the ball all over the place, he hit his 50 off 21 balls! and smiled a lot!

Lees made a great stand despite a nasty knock on his elbow/arm, which had me shuddering  ( my tennis ebow is legendary and reduces me to tears at times so I  was feeling it for Alex). He hit a brilliant 59 before being bowled by Gleeson.

TLJL was still batting and  had Little Timmy Brenan with him.
He fell to the bowling of  Azharulla who is now in my 'black book of bowlers' and  walked back to the dug out........................smiling!!!
None of this swearing, bat throwing, sunglasses hurling nonsense.

Timmy and Liam saw us through to the end of the innings posting 177.
Was this enough!

Well we needed to win by 20 runs to get a home quarter final so I topped up my glass and wiped away the Twiglet crumbs ready for the boys to take to the field.

Willey got Cobb first ball and I nearly choked on my wine!

Top up

Bresnan got Rossington  in the 3rd over

Top up
Duckett and Cook went before the half way mark, but they were motoring along a little too well for my liking.

Top up...............bottle empty.........................panic!!!!

They passed the mark that ruled out a home QF for us, and then in the final over Timmy Bresnan took 2 wickets and Northants managed 163-7

We are through to the QF's but it will be in another country!

sadly I cannot go and I had to have a to console myself.

However I managed a victory lap with my Yorkshire shirt over my head.

You absolute stars Yorkshire, you have had me a teeny tiny bit worried this season, but I kept the faith and knew that you would come good.

See you all tomorrow at Chester le Street.

Little bit excited

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