Friday, 8 July 2016

It's F(ryan)day again

Well it's F(ryan)day and I am now trying to get organised for a weekend of housework and possibly cricket.
I say possibly as I ma not sure who is heading to Chester le Street and I am also quite conscious that I need to get the house into some sort of order for the arrival of the Kiwi's, I am as yet unsure when they are coming but hopefully it will be soon and not when I am planning my escape to cricket.

There is a lot to do including the usual mowing and edging  of lawns as well as some weeding and  planting to be done. That and the painting of the Boot Room ceiling so as you can tell I am going to be very busy!

Yesterday the team for the forthcoming  Pakistan test.series
After batting brilliantly at Scarbados Gary Ballance has been called up as has Middlesexs Toby Roland-Jones.
Rashid, Plunkett and Willey have been omitted from the squad which hopefully means that they can head back to Headingley and boost the team for championship games, fingers crossed.

Tonight sees T20 action with Yorkshire hosting Warwickshire.

I will be cheering from the comfort of the chaise longue, whilst having a glass of fizz.

I am hoping that next week will bring news of the return of His Royal Ryanness, which will also nake a lot of Yorkie supporters happy.

I for one will be grinning form ear to ear.

Job wise there is something on the horizon and i am hoping to get it firmed up over the weekend, fingers crossed.

Well its a short one today as I head off down the A1 and spend the last 7 hours of the week.

A quick trip to the post office on the way home and then I can head to the chateau.

Todays office duties include spending a couple of hours archiving so that it can all be transported to London HQ and then a nap I think.

Its been a busy old week.

OOhhh and France booked their place in the final of the Euro's. I do not usually watch football which I detest as much as I love cricket, but when the home nation are playing, well needs must. I am hoping that Dame Didi was watching in France and cheering like a good 'un.

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