Saturday, 16 July 2016

It's Le weekend

and that can mean only one thing! Lots of washing to be done! and some visiting and entertaining..
I have woken up this morning looking as if I have just stepped out of a magazine cover, granted it is 'Tramps and Vagrants weekly' but after going to bed in my full slap what did I expect!.

So last night besty friend and Alternative therapist Francesca picked me up and we headed off to The Riverside to watch Durham take on Northamptonshire.
I had to drop off some unwanted cricket kit for the Lords Taverners as arranged with them and with Durham CCC.
Well as you know I have a bit of a temper which I try (unsuccessfully) to keep under wraps, so off we toddled with mahooosive kit bag, to the reception.

Oh dear the receptionist got her knickers in a right old knot, getting very vocal about
'people normally bring this at the end of the season'
'I usually have a box for it to go into'
'Throw it behind the stairs'.............

Well you get the drift.

Francesca could tell by my face that I was ready to 'blow' having been berated by said receptionist for  daring to bring kit, mid season when she had no box to put it in ( and believe me if she had a box she would be trapped in it now!).
trying to ( again unsuccessfully) keep my temper under control, I got hold of the bag and said,
'FINE! I will take it away, let the Lords Taverners know, and get them to collect directly from me.
She backed down!
However I WILL NOT be taking anything else to Durham and will be letting the recipients know.

Sometimes a simple thing is made very difficult!

We got settled to watch and Sophie was keeping me updated on all things Trent Bridge, including photos, sadly not of TLJL who was not playing.

back at Chester le St, Northants got off to a shocking start as Levi ( bit of a major chubster) went first ball, but they rallied and put on  149-5.

We had a visit from the lovely Mick who came for a chat but soon wandered off due to a child with 'bangy things' banging them in his ear!

Durham went into bat  and were motoring away, Stokes ( another fiery redhead) went in and I said to Franny, he won't be there long, and sure enough out on 1.
 He, however cannot keep his temper under wraps and came off the field being very vocal, throwing down his bat, followed by his sunglasses, all in front of a group of children waiting for autographs.
If you want to be a role model, calm yourself, if you want to be a foul mouthed sore loser, you are going the right way about it!
 he sat in the 'bus stop' with his mouth going 10 to the dozen.
my question is,

why when the coach was sitting right next to him, did he not say anything to him,or send him to the dressing room to calm down????

Meanwhile over at Trent Bridge Lyth continued to show form, new boy Travis Head put on 40 and Yorkshire posted  160-7.

Now this was a bit of a tight finish which I didn't know about until I got home.

Nottinghamshire won by 3 wickets but they needed 3 off the last 3 balls.

Well done Notts, The Maher/Browns were jolly chuffed.

well played my boys too.
And Alex Lees finally found his voice as he was not best pleased about some umpiring decisions.

Well its time to head off down to the sorting office and collect some things that the postman couldn't ram through the letter box .

onward to another cricket week


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